U20 Football Championship 2018


Sounds like Dan O’Brien had a field day 1-09 from play. Jaysus. I thought Doran was the one to watch in that FF line. Who have we got next?


Westmeath Monday next 2pm Parnell Park.


2018 Leinster U-20 c’ship

Monday, May 28 - Round One

Group One: Longford v Dublin, Westmeath v Wexford. Group Two: Kildare v Laois, Wicklow v Meath. Group Three: Carlow v Offaly, Louth a bye.

Monday, June 4 - Round Two

Group One: Dublin v Westmeath, Wexford v Longford. Group Two: Laois v Wicklow, Meath v Kildare. Group Three: Louth v Carlow, Offaly a bye.

Saturday, June 16 - Round Three

Group One: Wexford v Dublin, Longford v Westmeath. Group Two: Meath v Laois, Kildare v Wicklow. Group Three: Offaly v Louth, Carlow a bye.

Friday, June 22-Sunday June 23

Quarter-finals: Group Three winners and runners-up v Group One and Group Two runners-up.

Saturday, June 30

Semi-finals: Group One and Group Two winners v quarter-final winners.

Saturday, July 7: Final.


Thanks lads.



For a while I thought it was the only name Dub Match Tracker knew!


other way around I thought … if he plays for seniors he is gone from u20s ?


Can only play one championship.


Thats a good rule - not sure about him bing on the u20 panel though - what if cluxton gets injured?


This would be my uneducated view on it.

In this years congress a motion was passed which stated “Motion 29: Player eligibility at U20 level in Gaelic Football. Only players who play a senior championship match for their county will be ineligible to play for the county U20 footballers. Currently a player is only excluded from U20 duty if he is named in the 26-man panel for a Senior Football Championship match.”


so is it named or played in a senior match. Either way Dublin have a 3rd and 4th choice keeper training away Im sure if needed and probably allowed play with their clubs so would be match fit just not Croker prepared.


Motion passed from named on the squad to now actually having to play in the match. Westmeath U20 captain was not able to play last night because he came on as a sub for the seniors over the weekend!!


As per @niceday2 post, he can always play senior, he just can’t play U20 if he does play senior.

Westmeath had that problem where they put their U20 captain on at half time in their senior game at the weekend, so made him ineligible for U20.

Its strange though making him the sub keeper for the U20s (and not the actual keeper), it means he isn’t getting any game time anywhere.


That part is madness. Fella needs game time. Pulled from club games and sits on bench for county teams. Only match time he gets is training games. Can’t beat competitive gametime in my book


Agreed its unfair on Comerford. However, he hasn’t been training with the Under 20’s full time so it would be unfair on the keeper O’Hanlon (i think) who is training full time with the 20’s. On a side note, he looked very impressive in the sticks in the game last night & challenge games. Very assured on the ball and the kickouts were excellent. The fielding from Dublin was something else


From what I heard on the radio yesterday O’Hanlon’s kick-out were very accurate.


Comerford should be allowed play in this competition, its a joke.


He is allowed play in it. But I think its a great rule - means the competitions cant hold each other up, you don’t have a war between 20s and senior management for players time because they are either with one or the other. Really progressive one this, similar to rugby where you play with the 20s unless you’re a superstar.


I like the rule too but you would have to say it favours the bigger counties - a bit like our old junior club championships


Dublin beat Westmeath 2-16 to 1-13 in Parnell Park.


Actually starting to worry about the pressure these lads will be under when they make the step up because my first reaction was, only 6 points? That’s how spoiled we’ve become