U20 Football Championship 2018


Dublin 2-3 Longford 0-2

Dan O’Brien of Kilmacud Crokes an Tom Keane of Naomh Olaf with the goals!!


Game live on Shannonside radio.


Dublin 2-5 Longford 0-4

Dan O’Brien 1-2, Tom Keane 1-1, Cormac Howley 0-1, Sean Bugler 0-1


James Doran and another 2 scores from Dan O’Brien

2-8 - 0-5


HT Dublin 2-11 - 0-8 Longford

All 2-11 from play!

Dan O’Brien 1-5, Tom Keane 1-1, Cormac Howley 0-2, Sean Bugler 0-2, James Doran 0-1


Dan O’Brien, Cormac Howley, and Sean Bugler points to start the 2nd half

Conor Hynes of St. Peregrines replaces Tom Keane 2-14 - 0-8


Comerford on bench? If plays will ineligible for seniors.


He’s listed on the bench but he may not actually be there.


Dan O’Brien with 1-8 now all from play!

James Holland from Ballyboden on for Eoghan Fitzpatrick


Make it 1-9 for Dan O’Brien! James Madden with his first score getting it from his clubmate James Holland.

Ciaran Archer from St. Maurs on for Cormac Howley now.

Ciaran Archer kicks a 45 when there was a goal chance for Conor Hynes according to shannonside radio

Karl Lynch Bissett from Naomh Mearnog on for James Madden.


Should point out Archer is only 17. Could play 2 more years at u-20 after 2018. A lot confidence shown by his former minor coach Tom Gray to bring him up this year.

Glen McNamara from Raheny on for Eoin O’Dea


Ohm, thanks for all the updates great job. Dan o Brien very impressive last year, though I don’t think he played a full game popular among his team mates nickname foxy if I remember correctly.


Just reporting what Shannonside Radio and DubMatchTracker said.


Dublin 2-21 Longford 0-11

Dublin - Dan O’Brien 1-9, Tom Keane 1-1, Cormac Howley 0-3, Sean Bugler 0-3, Ciaran Archer 0-3 (0-1f, 1 '45), James Madden 0-1, James Doran 0-1

Longford -

Will try to get the Longfords scorers posted when available.


Thanks for all the updates @Ohm and to answer your question from yesterday, Cormac Howley is from my club! Good to see him getting a few scores!


That makes sense. Did he play minor for Dublin?


Yeah I think he had 2 years on the minor panel. Was part of the All Ireland winning U21 panel last year, but didn’t get any game time as far as I can remember. A very good footballer.


double post.


Has he put up big points tallies in the Dublin IFC? He must be one of your go to men I would think. I know Round Towes Lusk are one of the favorites to be promoted to Senior B.


2 different lads. Tom fox nicknamed foxy