U20 Football Championship 2018


That just means the other player should get punished, it does not act as a defence for Flynn.


Agreed. I think though the point is about people deflecting from the main issue. But we here made a good few excuses for Connolly after the 2011 semi-final when the truth was he took every bit of abuse under the sun from Donegal that day. And his crime was basically a hand/knuckle push into the upper chest which went up to the chin of the (shorter) player.
If that had been a certain other team you’d never hear the last of it in the media, such was the level of dirt Donegal got up to that day.
It actually wasn’t there Year Zero tactics that got to me that day, it was the dirt they got away with. And then media pick and choose what to go full Hysterics Doomsday on. We really do double-standards like nobody else.