U20 Football Championship 2018


Another glorious defeat for Mayo.


The Flour Bags were the better team. Jimmy Highland 0-10. 0-7 from play. Great game. That will get them excited in Newbridge.


They did win a u-21 all ireland back in 2016.


Mayo must hate playing in Croke Park.


Jordan Flynn, big ban I hope.


Mayo have learned very little from the imfamous O;Connor 13m free a few years back.
Same thing happened today. 3 points down and a 13m free, last kick of the game.
Have a chat with the ref - remind him if a player is not 13m from the kick (i.e. on the goal line) when he blocks the ball it will be a technical free.
A technical free in the small square is a penalty!!!
Ref will have no choice but to give it as he is mic’ed up to Croke Park officials who will hear the communication.


Heard something about this later , pushed the ref or something ??


Pushed him twice.



Technical free in the small squarer is no longer a penalty. As far as I know that was changed a few years back.


Has not changed :wink: Still a penalty.


Fair enough.


Here’s that ref pushing incident. Nasty stuff




Seen it last night, I believe he had grabbed a hold of the ref just before that.


Yes, you can see Solan’s reaction to the first (worse) push on the ref about 3 seconds into the video. That’s what the red card was for.


Allegations are that Flynn was spat in the face by a Kildare player caused this reaction. Still grossly unacceptable reaction / behaviour by Jordan Flynn.


The pity about all the business with Flynn is that it is distracting from the very entertaining game that these young lads played. If Kildare and Mayo can work on integrating them into their senior set up it may seriously improve their prospects over the next couple of years.


It wasn’t the ref spat at him and as pointed out the first push was worse. So in fact he pushed the ref (we can assume some verbals to him aswell), got in a confrontation with Kildare player, was given a red and then pushed the ref a second time.

In light out what has happened with McStay and a few other incidents, as this happened in a final I really think they’ll take the legs from under him three months is the minimum and even if he admits and apologises I think he’s in for a big ban.

The whole he’s U20, we all make mistakes is bull, from the day you step on a pitch you know you cant lay a hand on a ref simple as that. He’s over 18 he should know better. McStay and Connolly’s 12 weeks were for the minor interference and nothing equating to this.

As for Kildare it was a good performance and they deserved the win, could of good players and if they bring them on the senior panel in Div 2 they will be heading in the right direction. They’ll will be the team to challenge us in Leinster in year to come, all depends on who manages their expectations and that of their supporters.


No proof of that anywhere, those speculations cone from willies wallys


Even if it was a greener it doesn’t justify lad’s actions.