U20 Football Championship 2018


Don’t think it’s that . Maurs Davis cuala clontarf 1 of these teams will be in B championship for minimum 4 years . Tough for them as they would legitimately see themselves as good enough for A . Parnells in it they aren’t . Can see there point


Well if they’re appealing about grading they’re on a hiding to nothing. You cannot appeal a grading decision so they’ll have to come at it from another direction. Straightforward grading is a CCC decision and there’s no appeal against it.


Hope it’s sort soon and not dragged out


Any sign of the U20 squad yet…? I heard there were a few trials over Christmas.


I hear squad has been selected and have begun training


in gaa rule book it states that every team when plays in championship has a right compete for an all Ireland, winning senior B those not


And what rule would that be? You might quote it in full


What is happening with this objection


nor does any Junior B downwards have any all ireland “entitlements” but it doesnt stop those championships taking place…


Can be very easily fixed by doing what they do in the hurling and have Senior B champions play Inter champions to see who goes into Leinster


On this Championship the word is none of these players will be available to train with their club while the season is ongoing (open to correction). Not too familiar with the new format but if Dublin were to go all the way I’d say final would be around early September. That’s 9+ months without key players, absolute disgrace. I think this is a secondary competition and should be treated as so.


Clubs should simply withdraw their played if presented with that ultimatum.


Absolute joke . They are training since Jan 2 for a mini league competition starting in May . Gaa need to really look at this . They should be with their clubs , end of. Club now below senior county , college and now this . Club is dying and wait till we see the consequences of that . The powers that be need to wake the hell up


GAA has rules in place. Counties ignore them. Clubs allow it. Until clubs start demanding respect from out of control inter county managers nothing will change. The problem here is people whose only interest is
feeding their own egos. They are an absolute pestilence infesting the GAA.


Ask the players what’s they want. That’s who it’s all about, after all. I’d bet you my bottom dollar they’d rather be a part of a county panel and get to experience playing at the highest level they can in that given time rather than being with the clubs. I’m sure they also wouldn’t appreciate it being regarded as a mini league competition, it’s quite a big thing to be selected to represent your county on the biggest stage they can.

I agree clubs should be given more attention. But come on, be real… you can’t fault these lads for wanting to be apart of it over anything else.

Also just to add, the competition begins on May 28 and it’s wrapped up by August 4. They’ll be available to play all competitive matches. Players are missing a preseason with their clubs to have preseason with their county. I know what I’d pick given the choice …


We’ll see how it pans out. I’d imagine none of these will train with their clubs until one week max before the Championship games in April. Why the need to start so soon with the county. You have to be ready to play on May 28th - assemble your squad in March even, there’s only so much flogging you can do between now and then, and with no league the lads will surely be bored as hell waiting.

Reminds me of the Dublin 21 hurlers the last few years. Training from November to lose there first game come June - what’s the point?


Players have to be released to their clubs for club league games between now and the start of the U20. County friendly games in the same code will not be approved by county management committee for the same weekend as club league competitions. The county management can’t organise training sessions that clash with league competitions either so all of these lads, while maybe not training with their clubs should be available to play league games.


Be very interesting to see if they are.


Be interesting to see if it all happens since none were allowed play with their clubs in a round of championship last year


Players are being released to the clubs for the whole of April to accommodate for the two championship games. The rest hinges on the senior footballers fortunes as per.

What you can expect is U20 players to be available for every league game bar any between May 28-August 4, where the 7 day rule will come into effect. The entire competition is run off so quickly that there’s a game almost every week, depending on how far they go in the competition.