U20 Football Championship 2018


Powerful player and was unstoppable on a number of occasions. Scored a great goal for Derry but become isolated in the second half…deeey moves him out to the 45 with about 10 mins to go and our lads couldn’t handle him.

We held out though with Tommy Conroy getting two vital points late in the game. We have an excellent half back line with the two Westport wing backs in McLoughlian and Lambert almost carbon copies of their club mate Lee Keegan.

Westport on the up and 6 of their players are on our u20 team.


Spent last week in Westport.

High hopes from the locals that some of the U20 Mayo team will make the grade at senior.

Also great to see the navy & blue flags flying everywhere!


Saw them in Inter final 18 months ago. Couple of real fliers on HF line - only doing their Leaving Cert at the time I believe. They were very small and light - but really fast. Also had a midfielder who outshine Leeroy in the centre.


5 of the Westport guys already have an intermediate club all ireland so you wouldn’t think they’d be phased. When did Paul Lambert and Oisin McLoughlin become wing backs?


Don’t sit anywhere near the Kildare fans would be my advice. I had to move at the Dublin game because of the hysterical carry on of them - worst I ever saw.

But their team is good. A very good midfield, well I will clarify that by saying it is a very good midfield if you lump the ball out to them as they are big lads. But I suspect if you run them around the field a bit they are not so good. The centre half forward is a very tricky footballer, great running with the ball and taking men on.

In fairness to Kerry they would have done better in this if they hadn’t lost guys to the senior team. I am not sure we would have beaten Kildare if we hadn’t lost Comerford to the seniors, but it might have been closer. But I don’t really like this U20 format now, guys are being lost to the leaving cert and to the seniors - although it has the upside of being played at a time of year when you don’t get hypothermia going to games.

Anyway good luck in the final @mayoman. I think ye should do it.


The u21 was one of the best championships and quickly played out as was all knockout. If third level competitions had been moved u21 would still be in existence. GAA could have brought in a rule u21s cant play national league until finished in u21 championship. Think the age grades were altered so these GAA committees could justify themselves been setup.


Paul Lambert was managing Stoke City last season.


Welp he’s won an intermediate all ireland club title as well.


Grand, but, has he won an AI Feile Hurling Medal…:thinking::thinking::thinking:


You also have a number of Ballinrobe CS boys on the team who have experience of winning the B Colleges All Ireland in 201 in Croke Park. A lot of experience on the team


Kildare doing well here against Mayo .


Some nice football being played. Good scores. Good standard. Enjoyable to watch.


Id agree , Kildare could go well over the next while if they can get a few of the forwards into the senior setup .


Good open football. Some lovely scores and the lack of the swarm defence is very welcome!!


2-21 combined in 30 minutes. Bualadh Bos. Great stuff. Gaelic Football still has a pulse.


Some of the point taking from Kildare is lovely, 13 and 14 could easily be straight into their senior starting line up next year.


Senior managers won’t be long knocking the football out of them :wink:


It’s unfortunate but you see that at club juvenile level already!!!


The keeper has a serious kick out too, reaching the opposition 65m line with ease. His kickouts and our lack of reaction to them was the main reason they beat us.


Long holiday for Mayo’s Jordan!!!