U20 Football Championship 2018


What view would that be? Your own or have you done any actual research to support your view?


I don’t. But if I was 12 again I probably would and I might even pretend I’m a famous footballer with my username … like most kids do.


You clearly don’t know the meaning of the word ‘fact’.


as a county we cannot say much in this regard from recent history


Mayo v Kildare in the U20 Final.


Good win fir the flour bag’s against the KOTF. Oul cranky features won’t be happy.


From all their minor success, Kerry still have to reach an u20/21 final. That’s a bit shocking in itself, but considering they effectively only have to win one proper game to get there (AI semi), it’s very poor.


Delighted with our win and surprised at the Kerry defeat. Kildare will need to be respected in the final having beaten Dublin and Kerry. I’m confident though that our lads can come through it.


Best of luck in the final. Youth might yet be the way forward for Mayo.


A fresh injection needed alright…Mr Rochford was in attendance this afternoon


The fresh injection should not involve SR imo. There is no reason why Mayo can’t built on this. I wouldn’t see AOS, SOS, Moran, Leeroy, Higgins, Boyle or Barrett winning a Sam at this stage - but a team backboned by [then] senior players such as Harrison, DOC and the Durcans might.


I ll support mayo in this . Kildare I despise . Shower of horsey ********** and ***. Well you get it I m sure.


Definitely up for Mayo in this but if the Lillies win it’ll be another 10 years era of great white hype, so how bad either way!


And we will be shouting for ye against da rossies…now that will be funny. Myself and da lads are going to be onda hill for this one.


Agree on Rochford. Don’t agree we should drop AOS, Leeroy as they are still only 26/27…


Drop Rochford? Have the lads decided he’d be better as an impact sub-coach?


Goalkeeper coach :wink:


Defo shouldn’t be dropping leeroy but he’s 29 this year and has had a few bad injuries. Always talked of taking a year out to travel too. Be surprised if he’s around next year but that will be 100 percent up to him whether he is or not. I hope yous beat Kildare out the gate


No I didn’t mean that. Meant that it might take 4/5 years and they might be gone by then. That said I think AOS is very overrated in Mayo and part of the current problem.


A sign of the times , Callum brown at full forward for Derry u20s and also with Linfield.