U20 Football Championship 2018


Kildare fans were always cúnts to be fair. I remember thoroughly enjoying putting them back in their boxes in the 90s when they thought they were on their way to a revival.


For me kickouts were key and we seemed to have no strategy, and the technique wasn’t great. Half way through the first time half they scored a point and we didn’t win any of the next six kickouts and they just got point after point and the losing of the game happened there.

We were cleaned at midfield, but there was no need to compete on their battlefield. They had a big lad there who needed to be run around the field.

I think overall they are maybe a better team, but it should have been closer and a kick out strategy would have done that. The kickouts were all 1990s stuff, everyone standing still waiting to fight for a big high dropping ball.


If it’s only Kildare I wouldn’t worry so much. But I don’t think it is. I think it is just the accepted way to behave now. Sure there is extra zest in it because it’s against Dublin. But tonight was mainly anti ref and just purely driven by naked emotion. Pavlov’s dogs had greater control over their instincts then these guys had.


Is there more emotion involved in under age ?
I think they act like animals because they think they are in with a better shout than when they play our seniors . Remember before we started winning AIs they were far more voiceferous.


I agree in fairness. The whole nonsense on the sideline is endemic in GAA at the moment, all the way down to juvenile matches. Everybody thinks they’re an expert on the line nowadays. Ive been stupid enough to volunteer to ref a few juvenile games recently involing my own team and the crap you have to listen to off clowns who’ve never kicked a ball in their lives is unreal. I include ‘supporters’ from my own teams in that too.
The funny part is that theyre the first to ‘like’ the clubs code of conduct for parents on facebook!
I offered to hand over the whistle to one of these experts recently half way through a game, but he went quiet enough then!


Kildare posters giving out about referee on gaaboards after winning game. Classy bunch!


It’s driven by certain sections of the media creating fake news that Dublin are favoured by referees and the GAA as a whole. There’s no denying this. There is a thinking amongst some of these ***** that everytime a free is awarded to a lad in Blue, it’s part of a great conscipracy to allow the Dubs win at all costs. It’s embarrassing behaviour.

On the game itself Dublin were woeful. The management were at fault yes but some of the decision making by the players was criminal too.




Happens in every county from Cork to Donegal, you will have bad winners and bad losers. Ye are used to winning a lot lately so haven’t had too much experience of being on the other side


Fixed that for you


Cool man cheers for that


No problem Danny boy


Another poxy epidemic sweeping our game is “how long”. The ball has barely been in the keepers hands and the shouts begin its horrible and the Kildare sideline last night were embarrassing(not as bad the Dublin one for different reasons)


I saw a referee in a recent AFL 1 game booking a player for shouting it as an opponent was looking to take a sideline kick. Cue…no more shouting


Proper order


It does happen in every county, but it shouldn’t. The baying for a black card, or the above mentioned ‘how long’ for kick outs or cheering when a young lad kicks a wide is nasty stuff. It would be interesting to film it and then show it back to the people so they could see themselves as part a baying mob.

That’s all it is really is mob hysteria. One utterly clueless eejit last night whipped them into a frenzy roaring that a) three guys tackling a Kildare player was illegal because it was a ‘third man tackle’ and b) it was a Kildare free because a Dublin guy ‘lifted the ball over his head’. Now you can always have one eejit, but the way the mob took it up was like something from Lord of the Flies.

But the worst was the roaring after the ref, after the game, in a game they won by 8 points. A game which was completely devoid of controversial refereeing decisions. It is ugly ugly stuff…


They’ve had huge numbers coming through for years if you’re to listen to them. The reality is, aside from Cooper, none of them have made it.

Point is, underage success (which they have had an incredible amount of) means nothing at Senior level.


It was a sort of hysteria thing, as I said above they were foaming at the mouth about the ref not giving frees for things that aren’t actually against the rules of the game. If there had been a real controversial incident, it could have been ugly. Surely people who go to U20 games, go to a lot of games you would think, so not knowing basic things about the game is very strange. You can sort of understand it at a big game that brings out the event junkies, but that wasn’t the case yesterday,


Dessie and Jayo no? Na Fianna haven’t had such underage players in these numbers before. They are still young lads. Give it a few years before sniping.


I think he means the current crop, and I think you know that!
All that aside, I think Murchan is a bit of real class and will defo push on, despite his size.