U20 Football Championship 2018


I agree. Was there myself and felt quite embarrassed. I’m not coming on here to say anything about young lads but management certainly are not up to it. What is the process for picking Developement mentors and have this management been with this group from the start does Anto know ??


I think the @Ohm thing is funny, why is everyone so wound up where he is from. It’s just a bit of craic one way or the other…


I don’t think it’s a bit of craic, to be honest. But a harmless spoofer, I agree.


Anyway - onto more important matters. Just back from the game. It was what it was, the sum total of Kildare’s football ability was greater then ours, so they won. We can’t win it every year.

Our kickout strategy, both for and against was a bit insane though. We left one of their guys free on the half way line for a lot of their kick outs, it was a bit insane to see. For our kick outs, I don’t really know what to say, the big high floaty kickout went out about 10 years ago, kicking to the opposition was never really in, so there wasn’t really a lot going for them. They did change it up a bit in the second half though and it was better. If we had sorted out kickouts, it would have been closer.

But the big takeaway for me from the game is that the GAA going public are going insane! It can’t just be Kildare fans (there were shag all Dublin fans there to make a comparison), but the roaring and abuse at the ref was mental. A guy beside me, with spittle coming out of his mouth, stood and demanded a free because three Dublin guys were tackling a Kildare player, and that’s a ‘third man tackle’! And that is typical, every time a Dublin guy went on any solo run, everyone roared ‘steps’ as if he wasn’t allowed take one step.

It was extreme and very uncomfortable and unjoyable. Who do these people think they are that they can ruin the evening of people around them because they want to. They wound themselves up into such a collective frenzy that 3 oul’ lads after the game went up to the ref and called him everything under the sun- they had just won by 9 points for god sake.

It’s pure selfishness and nothing else, and for some reason U20 / U21 is often the worst for it. I think that is probably the last football game at that grade I go to.


Well I think we all know who’s played a hand in this attitude towards Dublin

(There’s more than one of them btw)


It was actually more against the ref to be honest. But it was nasty.


It’s horrible to listen to and observe but it’s nothing new.


They’ll get rolled in the semi final by Kerry! My dog did the calculations and has agreed Dublin should of used the short kick outs more. Two many times players ran into tackles.


Would still say it’s a by product of that though. Given the insinuations in previous years of “Dublin Joe” etc…


Kildare forum will tell you a lot . They can t wait for Dublin to decline and tonight is the first evidence of it. We are fucked and they are the future apparently. With England winning the World Cup the apocalypse is nigh.


The one thing that Always struck anytime the Lillie’s won against us ( and it’s very seldom) is what bad winners they are.


Gotta throw them a bone sometime I suppose.


And next year we will beat them handily as we had a much better minor team st that age and it will be back to the drawing board.

But as @simplegame says, they are horrible winners. I doubt any of them enjoyed it, they were so caught up in hate and spite. If it was only Kildare I wouldn’t worry, that’s only one county. But I fear it’s not, from what I can see the love of the game is gone, and the love of our culture, this is just naked tribalism now and woe betide anyone who gets in the way of it.

Fair play to the Kildare lads for winning, they are not to be blamed for the carry on in the stands, or the abuse of the ref afterwards. Maybe it’s always been there and I have just gotten more sensitive to it, but I am not sure.


When Micko took over they arrived in droves at Croker. I remember the 91 league semi finals , a double header at Croker. Kildare fans were in the majority and their fervor was biblical. I was in the cusack for the final and they were foaming at the mouth with their hatred of the dubs. First sniff of glory in years for them. I always regard them as an arrogant shower , horse racing money reinforcing an undeserved superiority complex ( as people never mind as gaa folk) . I would have more respect for Meath and Meath folk .


Meath is(was) a proper rivalry yeah don’t get on but both respect each other neither respect or like kildare


Anyone know how many of our team are eligible for next year?


On the back of that defeat … none!


That team is a lot better than what turned up tonight and Kildare are not as good as they looked, an off day was had


Steady lad. We win together, we lose together , but above all, we stand together. Keep the faith baby, it was like a 2nd year minor team beating a 1st year minor team. We shall return.


The substitutions today were absolutely baffling. Howley taken off so early, O’Brien coming off for a midfielder when 7 or 8 points down, Mcgarry coming off for a defender when losing by nearly double scores. The midfield was cleaned out, Fitzapatrick could have come on earlier to shore it up , no game plan when a team contests every kick out. Overall a good year though , I don’t want to sound negative or anything about the young lads who have given their best for their county. I just feel a better game plan was in order today, Well done to Kildare , a good side to watch