U20 Football Championship 2018


Good to see Kildare producing a few decent teams. Need them to comeback to decent standard to bring Leinster SF championship back from the morgue.


Dublin really missed the strength of Peadar Ó Cofaigh Byrne in midefield who I believe is on his leaving cert. So Kerry are u-20 champions then.


Leaving Certs were completed 3 weeks ago.


We were horsed out of it here physically by a really good Kildare team. (Trick for them now is to front up against Kerry). Very few positives for us from this . It reminded me a bit like the minor Semi final vs Derry last year,the longer the game went on , the less of a team we became.


Well he hasn’t been back with the team. Despite you thinking I was in Tullamore I’m not sure how the european education system works exactly.


How do you know?


He hasn’t been named in any of the teams I meant to say. Maybe he’s training. I don’t know


Would you stop posting bs and say who you are - it’s a pain in the arse at this stage. Were you watching two TVs with Belgium- Brazil on the other?


Same manager …


I did not see Belgium v Brazil. I’ll be watching it shortly.


More lies


No lies but if you want to say I’m from Ireland thats fine with me. Actually the IP adress I use to edit the various gaa pages would show where in Connecticut I am. No need to be mean .


I don’t mean to be mean but you’re full of crap


No comment.


I just told you how you can find what town I live near. I’m not gonna get into a silly argument.Anyway I think Kerry v Mayo will be the u-20 final


The thing is Ohm, you would be made most welcome here if you didn’t insist on this BS story of being some fella from Connecticut that stumbled across the GAA one day.

As for IP addresses, I change mine to appear to show me logging on stateside so the mrs can watch American Netflix regularly. An IP address means nothing. Can I ask how you watched the u20 game this evening? Is TG available in the states? Did you mask your IP to say your logged on from Leixlip or something?

It doesn’t make a whole lot of difference who you are or where you live, it’s just that it’s getting boring now the whole i have a passing interest in GAA but I can tell you the captain of the Mayo u14 development squad from 1998.


Will you be flying home for the final?


That’s like saying both of my hands are left-handed, except my right hand.


firstonetv. net becaus my vpn wasn’t working.


Even Pinocchio’s nose is shorter than this guy’s.