U20 Football Championship 2018


Dirty fecker.


Carrying the ball into trouble an awful lot. Be doing well to win this…5 on the bounce for Kildare


Kildare closing out spaces when we move forward. Kick outs killing us, agree taking the ball into the tackle too much.


Shocking tbh . I’d be more surprised if they turned it around tbh


We got some good scores delivering quick ball, getting caught out trying to work the ball in…


HT Well Jimmy Hyland has torched the back line of Dublin and Marnell and Masterson are certainly on top in midfield. A lot needs to changee in the second half. The 7 for Kildare Ruadhan O’Giollain has been impressive. Kick-out strategy has to change immediately.


:smile: Nope


Kildare fans are a rare breed. Utterly clueless god bless them.


Whats up with them ?


Kildare scored 7 points on the bounce , wtf.


What score ??



Everything is a free for Kildare


It’s men against boys .
It’s a well trained team against an average team
It’s a better management up against a poor one .


POssible we are beginning to reap what has been sown at minor the last few years.


Are they out if they lose this ?


I don’t like saying so but I did warn this forum last week not to expect this team to win anything. It’s not a case of a team having a bad day. It’s just a case of a poor team who have been poor right through this championship.


Not sure but it probably better off if they are.


Were out. Kildare v Kerry.


Not good at all.