U20 Football Championship 2018


Why would Dublin play 7 forwards? Ever.


Best of luck to all lads involved tonight.


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Howley isn’t a midfielder despite wearing number 9?

Have you ever seen him play?


No but every time he’s been listed at minor or u-21 he is put as a foward. What’s the inside scoop Towers? It seems like after Madden went out against Wexford McGarry came in and has kept this spot so it would mean Howley or Bugler playing midfield alongside Donal Ryan.


Sure he streams all the Lusk games on the net :wink:


Are you spying for the Kildare camp or something :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope but both teams have played 4 games now (Kildare 5) so you can see a pattern in the starting 15’s.


Pure nuts …


Yes that’s whats happened. McGarry came in for Madden when he was missing for one game due to the LC. All playing well so management chose to fit the 7 best forwards in, taking one midfielder out and putting Bugler back into midfield. Strange, you may think, but he is a very very capable midfielder. Covers a ridiculous amount of ground (17km against Wexford for example!) and is probably the best link between defense and attack in the side, so he can easily play midfield.

It may look strange, but it’s not something that was decided recently. This has been tried throughout preseason and worked well. First time it was tried in a competitive game was vs Meath and that was the best performance all year and I’ve seen from the lads, and I’ve been at practically all friendlies etc. It’s a good idea from mgmt I think


Here’s an inside scoop! Back in 2000 I think, he played half a season for the Towers under 10s at full back. Mind you, he was only 2 years old at the time, and not fully toilet trained. So we had to keep a potty behind the goals for him, in case he needed to answer the call of nature. He would never have made it back in time if he was out around midfield or in the half forward line!


Does Brian McEvoy still play with ye? He must of been last Lusk player to represent before Howley?


No, I think he finished up after the junior championship win in 2015. He got a bad knee injury in that game and I don’t think he ever came back from it. He was on the same Dublin minor team as Cluxton and Alan Brogan in 1999, so he’d be a similar age to them.


A big unit. Remember him on that 1999 minor team.


Yeah about 6 foot 7 I think. I remember him fielding a ball in training for Towers years ago and he came down and landed on my foot. My foot survived, but I needed a new pair of boots afterwards.


Absolutely bullshit of a statement there Ohm.


NaF have massive talent coming through, Doran, Byrne, Murch, o Reilly and more…



Is that you behind the goal in the Offaly jersey OHM?


Kildare manager was involved with Dublin ladies few years back


Alot of mistakes so far. To be expected I suppose