U20 Football Championship 2018


Jesus, your right. Totally forgot that one.


He’s not going until September, he’s an U.20 & Senior Football AI to win first, part of Jim Gavin’s contract in releasing Madden (The Footballer who used to play Hurling) to AFL.


Jaysus @LiamMac - that’s not really public knowledge - be careful. But really good to see who was on that return flight from Boston this week.


Sorry thought this was the closed thread…


€30k for one game…


No it’s open - don’t mention Cluxton’s unavailability


But Clicko’s in L.A…


Live on TG4 anocht



Good number of Na Fianna lads there , will they take over Ballymun with supplying us with players in the future ?
Are these lads showing promise , any to pick out ?


Great to an Isles player in there


James Doran. Serious talent


Na Fianna manager :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Are these fella’s removed from their club commitments in a similar fashion as the senior panel or are they lining out on a regular basis for their clubs?


To be fair to the management team they have allowed the 20s plenty of time with their clubs. The only time this has been an issue was for example this week, the round of fixtures on Wednesday evening - lads who were named in the match day panel for tonight weren’t able to line out due to the county boards 7 day rule.

However whenever this wasn’t an issue all players played with clubs, and those not in the match day panels were allowed to tog with clubs.


Good to see. A pity Somme other managers don’t see things the same way.


So Dublin are starting with 7 forwards again moving Bugler to midfield?


What can that possibly mean??


Howley isn’t a midfielder despite wearing number 9?

You can see from the line up against Meath here http://www.the42.ie/dublin-meath-u20-report-4101873-Jun2018/


The 2 James Maddens are playing. That why have 7 forwards.