U20 Football Championship 2018


Oh the electrical jokes :smile:


Omg …


He is flying home for the Resser’s ball at Christmas. He cant wait for a feed of Coddle, batter burgers and a full Irish.


Don’t see a problem with that. Quite an appealing team to have a fascination about.

I have a fascination with the All Blacks and their team, culture etc and I’m born and bred in Dublin. No problem with that though


Get up the yard ye bluffer, feel free to waste your time anyway you like.


Well rugby is the peoples game ( breaks his bollocks laughing ) so I could see that is normal but gaa for a non Irish man is unusual.


I am Irish-American


Haven’t quite caught your point there


Still unusual considering you ve never been here.


You posted previously that you had no irish connection either on mothers or fathers side, now your irish American, how so.
You said,
“I update the 2018 Dublin Senior Football Championship wikipedia page” I’m sure it’s no secret what name you use there, why not tell us for clarity.


I use my ip address because its a pain in the neck logging in sometimes. It starts with 2601

I did say in one of the threads I have irish ancestry. It’s in the world cup thread from about 3 weeks ago or so.


Are you fascinated with their u15 boys or their u17s as well ? If yes, then you and ohm should set up your own forum, being likeminded and all that.


Correct you did say you were Irish American my apologies I only recollected the non Welsh association part. No matching ip on wiki.


Taking it a bit out of context. Was just making a comparison as to why somebody outside the native country or whatever would be interested in following a team. I used the word fascinated only because Wasonthehill did. I wouldn’t exactly say I’m fasicinated by them, rather I enjoy watching them and engaging in discussions about them - like Ohm does here - regardless of where he or I am from.

All I was trying to do was find out why it is some lads on here seem to have it in for Ohm.

This whole thread is getting a bit swayed. I think we should concentrate more on talking about the Leinster final our u20s are in tomorrow


Look under view history. Its literally the most recent edit. I put scorers in the Fingallians match based on the herald paragraph info a few weeks back.


Will do cheers


Also the Kildare team to play Dublin has been announced

Pretty much the same team all through out the Leinster championship. One change in the #4 position.


Jack Bambrick’s great grandfather on his mother’s side played on the team that last won Sam.


“Jack Bambrick’s great grandfather on his mother’s side played on the team that last won Sam.”

And a fine team they were. Coincidentally the great grandfather was also called Jack (John) and played at left corner back.


Correct. There is also another link to that team and a couple to the 1998 team. I’ll give you a clue to the last answer - Kurt Cobain.