Transfer Silly Season 2018


Club refused to sign it. Thats if we’re talking about the same person.


Was never a transfer put in for them to refuse


He did enquire about one though


He’s a serious footballer. He is our GPO, and probably the best we’ve had yet, shows great passion for our club and not even a member. Personally, I’d love to have him join us!!! But it’s not in our court!

That’s it in a nutshell!


he enquired very strongly about one.

should make for a few awkward moments in training


Lot worse going on but nobody says anything. Some clubs it seems are immune.


Any of yous involved in this club or is it all just stuff you have being told for the past three or four years it’s being said he was joining them and never put in for a transfer wouldn’t always believe what you here


I fully agree with you @Fiveinarow - i’ve met the young man in question on a couple of occasions and he is a great lad. His name has never appeared on a transfer list but people constantly speculate. It may be true that he has had conversations with his club but there has been no transfer request put in which can’t be said for other players with a lot less of a reason to want to move club.


Spoken to members of the first team from the club in question.

I’m told he did hand in the request, but a close member of the clubs committee wouldn’t accept it.


Is it ok to say why ??


Was the transfer request written in blue or black ink?


I know for a fact he asked for transfer. Met with the club and was told if he did put In for transfer it wouldn’t be signed so he didn’t bother putting in for it.


Is that not the case in most transfers if he wanted to leave would he not of put it in anyway would maurs have signed for one of there best players to leave


I would know a few committee members and a lot of players. He asked for a transfer and would they sign it. And was refused at an EGM in relation to it. So is obviously staying put now.


Shane Horan from Kilmacud Crokes playing with Offaly this season. Wicklow have David Devereux(Ballinteer) and Oising Manning(Judes). Roscommon looking at John Brian Carthy(who transferred from Judes to Ballinteer) All transferring under the parentage rule.


It’s all to keep Colm o Rourke happy , he s concerned too many dubs are not getting a fair shot to play inter county .


We had 3 lads transfer from our Liffey Gaels panel before we started training, apart form that the amalgamation has gone well & looks like we’re set for a good season ahead.


What club are you from?


Good stuff. Good Counsel and Liffey Gaels have produced some seriously talented hurlers down through the years. If the members are happy and its the right thing to do for the 2 clubs then I hope it goes well. I assume you are a Counsel man?


I am indeed, great to see the transition coming together. Looking forward to see what the season brings. Some very talented footballers in the ranks now that should make for strong competition.