Transfer Silly Season 2018


Agree completely that the smaller clubs badly need help . Could never see a full merger with Counsel and Liffey Gaels .Theres also a few Counsel lads playing hurling in Crumlin and a few Crumlin lads playing ball in Counsel . There have been a lot of different underage amalgamations with both of those and Kevin’s and some involved Crumlin too . I think amalgamations are okay at underage as their parent club can protect them to a degree.


Amalganations are inevitable at adult level I think. And quite a few


Pity to here about James Gaels /an caislean struggling. I togged out for them a few times as some of my mates went to Drimnagh castle . The players used to drink in the long mile pub and families like the Quinlans and Berminghams put a lot in to keep teams going.


I hear the annual Seavers to Ballymun rumour-mill is up and running!! Any more substance to it this year, compared to previous?


Not happening. We love the lad, does more for us than a shed load of all our adult players. As long as he does his tasks, we’re happy as pigs in the proverbial!


They’ll be a merged club very soon .


Counsel might back out when you’re egg in the coddle recipe gets out!!!


I genuinely didn’t think Counsel and Liffey Gaels would merge but apparently it’s almost over the line . I think Counsel hold most of the power in it although I believe the Liffey Gaels footballers aren’t happy at all .


Why would Liffey Gaels footballers not be happy?


I don’t think either club holds the power . Liffey Gaels have a stronger juvenile boys section and Counsel struggle a little in that area . Counsel stronger in camogie .
Counsel have a division 3 football team and Liffey Gaels have a strong division 7 team . The hurling adult teams have been merged for a number of years .


In answer to both of the above replies , I don’t know the answer about the footballers being unhappy , quote was said to me by a Liffey Gaels man last week , Maybe they feel they’ll lose a couple of players playing up and make their AFL7 team uncompetitive. In relation to the power , My opinion is based on the financial state that I’m led to believe Liffey Gaels are in. As well as that Counsel have two adult football teams , 2 adult hurling teams and 2 adult camogie teams versus Gaels having one Adult football team . The adult hurling ‘amalgamation ‘ has about half a dozen Liffey Gaels players only .


Lots of variables though . The hurling team is a fairly equal amalgamation . Liffey Gaels also have sole access to the feeder school that has serviced both clubs over the years . I’m only aware of one hurling team in Counsel but open to correction . The second football team for Counsel is very low division and offset by Liffey Gaels having a minor team .


I take your point but I don’t concur . Counsel do have a second hurling team , I played on it once when they were stuck lol .


They’ll be the first club in Dublin with 2 clubhouses :slight_smile:


Depends on your definition of a ‘clubhouse’. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: