Transfer Silly Season 2018


Already play as counsel gaels at some levels but knowing some of the Liffey gaels mob they won t want a full merger.


Hope it doesn’t blow up at the fund raiser … :scream:


That’s very interesting. That didn’t happen with a particular club that disbanded and merged a number of years ago… as it was in their constitution that if the club disbanded they were to hand their assets back to the school where they were set up.


Seems to be predominantly hurling. I stand corrected bit I think the adult footballers play seperately. I assume there are discussions taking place. In fairness if it’s not right for both clubs then no point in entering into a full merger.


I played soccer with a club formed around 1970 down Roman’s neck of the woods. Two founder members became very good mates and I held every position in the club at one time or another. In the late 80s early 90s it moved around and took on various guises but kept the core identity. Then around the late-90s a group of blow-ins merged the club (more subsumed) with another and that was that. A group of people in the club a couple of years did away with nearly thirty years of history in the blink of an eye. Felt sorry for the two lads - but tradition meant nothing.


Yeah, I know what he meant. :wink:


You can t always tell with you edenmore lads .


There is a difference in an amalgamation ie forming a new club from the merger of two or more existing clubs and an “independent team” which is two teams coming together as one for a particular competition/s. Eg St Peters, Counsel Gaels etc.
With an independent team the player remains a member of his club and is registered as such. If he wishes to leave that club he must transfer in the normal way.


How does a decoupling work? An Caisleann, Guinness and Robert Emmet’s merged to form St James Gaels and then RE pulled out and formed a new club. From what I heard they had invested a few bob in the new club, but I’m not sure they’d be entitled to claw it back unless they had a prenuptial agreement.


When almagamation split Emmets players had to transfer out.Dont recall Emmets making any great investments at the time.


So they basically formed a new club with the same name as the club they had disbanded and left… at the time I thought that merger made sense. Pity it didn’t work out.


See Gwyneth & Chris …


It a pity as both club struggling now. Clubs wanted to merge at time as Gaels had a senior team at lower end of Division 2 with a small pool of players, Emmets were in top 6 in D3. Too much focus was put into senior team at time and result other adult teams struggled. Players wouldn’t drop to lower teams, others wouldn’t step up a level.

Gaels only had 2 senior players left when amalgamation split as also lost players to Towers, Annes and Judes and others retired. Emmets don’t field at adult level these days which is a pity. Clubs like Ballyboden, St Judes grow stronger every year then you have small clubs in Dublin 12 struggling with little or no help from county board.


The County Board have been been too laissez faire when it comes to strategic mergers. They have allowed ad hoc arrangements to take place and have not stepped up to the mark when it comes to a complex merger between 3 clubs. What was needed in that instance was a development officer assisting the clubs with a strategy to ensure it worked.


It was clubs fault merger didn’t succeed. My blame with county board is they do little to help small clubs who can’t afford GPO’s especially in areas who are battling against soccer.


I agree but I do believe the county board should be a bit more hands on with mergers and advising and guiding the volunteers with the clubs. Agree on the GPO front too… it was actually the Leinster Council that initiated the original GPO plan as they were concerned about the participation rates in Dublin… not the county board. The original test were in areas where there were social challenges. It was called the Urban Area Projects.


I’ll have to google that :blush:


Then they trialled it on the knobby Southside. It was called the Urbane Area Projects.


Thought there was one over the river as well.


Just reading this again LOL. It was actually trialled in the south inner city between Liffey Gaels and Kevins. I suppose that’s north of the Southside so the least snobby part?? :joy: