Transfer Silly Season 2018


PM list to me too please.


I see former Laois u21 coming off bench for Lomans. He played with Parnells for a year as well.


Have the transfers been approved by CB yet?


They have.


do you have list? :slight_smile:


No real big ones from what I can tell.

StLedger from Syls to Clann Mhuire is a big scoop for the Naul.


Could somebody PM me the list please? Much appreciated


Can anyone send me the list please?


St Ledger transferred back to Carlow


Did he play with the Naul at all?


Lads - if 2 clubs amalgamate & a player doesn’t want to move, can he get a transfer elsewhere?


Why would they transfer if they doesn’t want to move?


I would say he can apply for a transfer as per the normal channel and hope for it to be approved. The amalgamation more than likely wouldn’t be a reason for automatic granting as the club are joining forces to provide teams for their players.


Short answer is no. WOuld have to apply based on normal rules.


Think he means he wants no part of the merger . Brush up your act Sside.


What clubs are amalgamating in 2019? Heard talk of Good Counsel and Liffey Gaels merging. Anyone else?


Vins and Na Fianna I’m hearing

[outrageous backstage bullying going on here! :joy:]


For clubs to amalgamate the original clubs must first vote themselves out of existence (needs a 75% majority of the voting members) and then come together to form a new club. The new club does not have any hold on members from the original clubs. As those clubs no longer exist their ex-members are technically club less and are free to join who ever they like without requiring a transfer. However it is true that in 99.99% of cases players will join the amalgamation.


Presume that is the case for full club amalgamation as in what happen with St OP ER.

I read the above was an amalgamation of one team at certain playing level rather than full club. Examples being St Peters, Ros Lusca, Ros Brigin, St Catherines etc. Or does what you specified apply in this scenario aswell?


That’s how I read it too. In that scenario a transfer would be required afaik.