Transfer Season 2019


Not very welcome in NCD either. :unamused:


anyone able to pm me the list please


Presume this has been shot down at this stage?


Ballymun have strengthened their arsenal I believe


Could someone forward me on the list plz


If anyone could send it on to me too that would be great


Does anyone know when regradings forms are available ?


The CCC shall open a re-grading season for the first 21 days of January each
year. Applicants for re-grading shall, on a prescribed form, provide the
following information; Name, address, Date of Birth, Club, Grade and number
of games played in the previous year, grading requested for the current year,
reason for application and applicants signature.


Already available from your club secretary


Would like to re iterate this. The transfer list is available from your club secretary. Send them an email and it’s yours forever more. No need to be filling threads with this year on year.


Good stuff. Can you PM it to me too, Ta.


Does anyone know when we hear about the approved transfers?


Same as, could do wiht a copy, would not be hassling my club sec for it…


You sent it to me?


Be great if someone could forward me on list.




So you have a copy. Could you send it to me. Thanks


Not sure he got the goal, but he had a lot of heads talking at the final, calling him a ‘banger’.


Thread locked as too many people only posting looking for a list.