Transfer Season 2019


Is he a midfielder ! Wasn’t one of the Na Fianna lads on here saying they need to bring in a couple of midfielders from outside :sweat_smile:


Wouldn’t be entitled to transfer to Na Fianna - would have to transfer back to original club in the county if transferring back within 2 years.


Yeah I think he played under 21 for Galway alright


Interestingly Dublin are the biggest recipients of incoming players. Is it like that every yr?


Can pm list please ? Thanks


given normal demographics in ireland for the last few generations i’d presume so


Me too please


Me to. Thanks


Please don’t send me any transfer lists. I don’t think I can handle it.


Looking like Na Fianna and the The Young Gales are the big pullers this year.


Still looking for a copy of the list if someone would be kind enough to send it on to me


If you do get a copy could you send it on to me. Thanks


maurs main man to vincents is a strange one.


“Strange” is being kind.
Imo Not welcome at the D3 inn (is that too harsh in this festive season?) but thankfully transfer unlikely to get passed.


Can someone pm me the list please


Had to of been welcomed somewhere . I presume a club official had to sign a form .


It has been known within the GAA for officials and the general membership to disagree, no matter what the club or committee :wink:


I’m presuming the vins members up in arms over this are going to challenge the members of the exec who signed the forms ?
Imo There is little point coming on a forum claiming players are not welcome after your club official has signed forms for him to transfer.




I saw Darren Daly there but then realised not that Darren Daly.