Time to honour Heffo


Spot on.


You miss the point! Why should the family have to ask for a tone down? They didn’t ask for the discussion.
The County Board did discuss a suitable memorial at a County Convention and it was turned down. The point was made that there is a small memorial garden in Parnell Park for all those who gave time and effort for the GAA in Dublin over the past 132 years and that memorials should not be individualised. All played their part in some way - big or small! Deceased members are also remembered every November at a memorial event in PP.
As for being melodramatic I think I made a valid point. Just because a Resser makes a suggestion doesn’t mean that it MUST happen. It is unfair to force that suggestion on people especially where the matter can be very sensitive. Others can have views too but may not be in a position where they feel these can be expressed in public.


nobody is suggesting it must happen, we are entitled to discuss the idea, this is a discussion forum. your contribution is that we must not even discuss the idea, given in the manner of am order. well, you’re not an administrator of this site so until you are youccan’t dictate what’s talked about on here. All it is, is a discussion. If the discussion leads to a concensus that this is not a good idea for the reasons we have discussed, fair enough. I’m not impressed with someone registering and immediately telling us to shut up.


Eh sorry but what the hell are you on about ? The mods may be able to clear this up but AFAIK this forum is not affiliated with the DCB or Dublin GAA . Opinions can be expressed freely here unless they cross the line , the mods look after that . Telling someone they can’t talk about something is ridiculous. It was just an idea here , nothing was set in stone . Maybe you can clarify why this has provoked a response like this from you , sounds like you are taking this personally .


Who says it’s “forced” on anyone or that it “must happen”? People were discussing, and even if anyone gave a strong opinion for something to be done, it is merely your assumption that somehow it is being ‘forced’ on anyone. Even if it was suggested to anyone (in DCB, or somehow the family), it would merely be a suggestion, or a request.

I agree with you/the point BTW about not singling out individuals, though it’s a fact of all walks of life that some individuals are singled out, including in the GAA. I think it’s important to understand that certain individuals become a focal point and a representation in themselves/their image for many other things, such as all the work done by many people. It’s just that some, a very few, end up filling an ‘iconic’ role. Simply a fact of life. I’m sure most of us if asked personally would not want a statue or whatever of ourselves but it happens sometimes when enough people feel it’s important enough.

Personally I’d feel much more inspired by a statue of Heffo somewhere, over some of the people who have been honoured/represented/commemorated in that way. And lots of others would too. Call it selfish. Maybe it’s better that people want it for their own reasons, so that family etc can detach themselves from it. I doubt many people here feel it’s being suggested somehow for the benefit of the family, or even Heffo. But maybe that’s a better thing, as they wouldn’t want it.


@Centrehalfforward11 for the record, I had no issue with anything that you had said & would agree with most of it considering what I know about the Heffernans through my own personal contact with the family over the years until you started going on about embarrassment etc which was a bit much


People need to chill, we are just discussing the topic, if they don’t want anything then fair enough but good to have the discussion and good to get feedback from people, in particular those who say it wont go ahead and family wishes etc, its good to know that and I hereby drop out of the thread!


Look what I started … :flushed::flushed::flushed:

@Centrehalfforward11 posts are needlessly dictatorial.

Not one single poster has suggested something MUST happen. Every single poster has acknowledged that nothing could or should be done without family agreement or consent.


The comical part for me was that some posters here felt that because Ressers said it, it would happen. Picking places in Parnell to put it, but creme de la creme… Going as far as getting quotes was laughter lounge material!!!

As I said earlier, the family would never want it, so wouldn’t happen!


Why would you find it comical ? How do you think these things get off the ground , its starts with somebody proposing the idea . Its been knocked on the head because one newbie came along & shot it down & everyone else followed along like sheep …


Followed like sheep?

Yes, I am that immature. Thanks for the compliment!

It’s comical because so many here felt that because it was mooted on ressers, that it would defo happen, that was undeniably the feeling here. Just look back at the posts.

Do you seriously think, a county board like ours, with so many competent individuals, would let the death of Kevin, go unmarked?? Seriously? C’mon man!!!

I found it comical on so many levels. If you can’t see that, well, we’re on so many different levels. No offence meant to you by the way, just that we’re on a different plane dude! You’re going to Vegas, and I’m off to Jupiter!


I don’t find it comical in regards that it took one day to get in touch with someone who said they could do the job . Then all ya had to do was enquire with the family , Vincents , DCB , whoever to see if it was viable . The second stage hasn’t taken place . Lots of people saying they think the family wouldn’t go for it . Has the idea actually been mooted to them . If someone here can categorically say the idea was put to the family & they weren’t interested then that’s fine . But who here can definetly say that . Whose to say they might change their minds . That’s all I’m coming from .


That’s very odd thinking - for a start, all county boards are political. I have no idea how the current county board is constructed, but I have read enough about heffernan’s time to see that he had a distant relationship with he various boards that existed in his time. I’ve also read enough in books by former dublin stars to see the like all county boards the dublin one has lads in it who would be pursuing their own agenda sometimes to the detriment of the county ( it happens in every committee to b honest). So to take the inaction of the county board as being a reason why it hasn’t been done is not a valid reason as we do not know the reason why they haven’t done it.

In fact, I’m remainded of the fly the flag campaign, I think a similar excuse was offered early doors in that time too.

Many fan supporter groups erect memorials, or do things, to honour past players or managers in their clubs or teams worldwide. What we are discussing is nothing out of the ordinary. Asking for a quote from a sculpter is hardly the act of a bunch of delusional madmen either - it was done on he assumption of a blessing from the family and then seeing if it was doable at all from a fans point of view.

As things stand, until I know any better, I feel we could at least ask one of the admins, on behalf of the membership, to send an email to the county board and word to the family to actually find out the position, instead of asking assumptions. To date nobody has come on here and said “I asked the family, they said no”

And to be perfectly honest, unless it was an admin, I’m not sure I’d believe them after the way this has gone since our friend has turned up.

Perhaps it might be sensible to put up poll before we actually do anything, and that might put it to bed.


@Rochey, I think that’s a bit unfair, we didn’t know that about the family or county board wishes, we are just discussing it as a fan gesture, separate from the county board or Vinnies, its the fans that want to honour him, funded by the fans etc, that’s how the topic got off the ground and this is a fan forum separate from any official board body. Its good to have the discussion and good to know the families wishes.

Perhaps sometime in the future it might be different.


“The Inner Circle” Nudge nudge, wink wink. Those who “know”. Your ‘betters’. Perhaps you’re “only a fan”, do you get my drift?


Al I get the feeling your following me around … Is there nothing interesting going on over on the Kerry forum :unamused:


Don’t know Panther, but no, I’m not following you. Didn’t even realise that post above was your’s, the topic just grabbed me, like a Leeroy off-the-ball


We 100% agree with that.

In fact out next exhibition, opening on 1st March, is called Heffo’s Army. We celebrate will celebrate that fantastic squad. Kevin Heffernan is defo deserving of honours.

In fact, if anyone knows where the Heffo banner from the 2013 final is now (see pic) we would Love to borrow it for the exhibition - it would be treated with all requisite care and attention and shared with the people of Dublin in our celebration of Heffo’s Army.