Time to honour Heffo


Surely that’s doable ?


Or as Mayo people call it - The Boulevard of Broken Dreams.


Now that’s what the phrase “BOOOOOM” was invented for!


Or to use another ‘Green Day-ism’… Wake Me Up When September Ends (or October in the case of replays!)


I got to know him a little in his later life and while it may disappoint some on here I reckon he would have hated the idea. It just would not have been his thing imho.

I don’t know his family at all. Any contact with his family in my view should be done formally through the DCB and St. Vincents


Fair enough , maybe down the line the DCB will come around to the idea themselves , would be a shame if it never happened . Was a good idea in theory .


Paul O’Connell was sound, and a great rugby player, you cad.


Very much the way I would read the man but he should be honoured. It would be nice if his family could be persuaded He deserves it more than anyone in the history of Dublin GAA. But it is their decision only.


What …more than Kev Mac :cold_sweat::scream:


Not sure some of you would like this but an alternative could a mural of the man, designed by the Res Dubs lads.

Would be very cheap and could hire an expert, even if it meant getting them down from Belfast.

The problem would be location but it could go up in June, down in October if required.

Google street cam could be used to scout locations around Croker.

It some cases its allowed by Dublin city council.

Just a thought.

An example of a sporting Mural:


Having read ‘Heffo - A Brilliant Mind’ and, in particular, the part where Liam Hayes goes to have a conversation with the man himself about his plans to write his book, that doesn’t surprise me. The book was written though and I tend to think that the idea of a statue in the 'Nell remains a fitting tribute to the man & his contribution to Dublin GAA.
It’s funny, it happens sometimes that the ‘game-changers’ in sport don’t see themselves as having been so. That doesn’t alter the fact that, to all intents & purposes, they were.

Absolutely, without question.


It’s a bit like a funeral, not many funerals follow only the wishes of the deceased, to the absolute letter because it’s generally accepted that the family’s wishes (and/or other nearest & dearest) are just as important, or very nearly, or maybe a little more in some cases.

Heffo was one of those rare people in society who’s ‘family’ was much bigger. As regards a mural, I always felt the flag with the Heffo image on it looked well. I presume that was OK’d by someone!




Cillian’s long-lost ginger half-brother. Apparently he’s about to declare for Mayo…


The banner in 2013 was something special. The great man watching down from above the hill.


I understand that Heffo and his family was /are private humble people who are not interested in the type of memorials suggested on this page.
Kevin accepted the Freedom of Dublin. That is the ultimate accolade that any person in this County can receive.
Let’s leave it at that!! If Vins or DCB wish to do anything else let it happen with the blessing and in conjunction with the family.
Further discussion here may cause embarrassment and should cease immediately.


[quote=“Centrehalfforward11, post:77, topic:1204”]
Further discussion here may cause embarrassment and should cease immediately.
[/quote]Quit the melodramatics

People are allowed talk about it if they want, if someone from the Heffernan family approaches us to tone down this talk, we will obviously respect their wishes but this is simply a reflection of what Heffo did for Dublin football when it was on its knees.


Jayus , that’s a bit strong :unamused:. As stated it was just an idea , no harm in discussing here . Why would it cause embarrassment & who exactly would it cause embarrassment to , the family ??


No, no, someone has just registered on the site to tell us to stop,talking about,it, so we’d better lock the thread, even better give admin rights to this joker and be done with it.


I actually agree with him, while intentions were from the heart, I also understand the Heffernans to be very humble and private people. I’m pretty sure Vins and dcb would have spoken about suitable memorials to the man, for what it’s worth.