Time to honour Heffo


Could also involve Friends of Dublin Hurling & Football.


You could get everyone involved, even our infamous facebook fan pages like Hill16 Army etc who between them and the county board page there are over 100K followers, a Euro each :wink:

But think the guy above is right, you would need permission off the family first, then DCB and then maybe discussions with St Vincents about it all. I can assist with this if required.

Who did the statue of Páidí Ó Sé anyone know ?


Seamus Connolly - see PM


It’s an old article but some good statues, and there’s been a few more since…


Oh those guys would love this . They’re pretty good at getting messages out there like the Batman Ben & Molly stuff . A 1 euro donation is very doable , anything more & people might not bother .
I could pm them on Facebook , anybody have any objections ?


Slow down lads - family first.


Lads, put the brakes on this until the DCB and family both grant permission. Otherwise you may just be disappointed.


I’d suggest that those mentioned above are consulted first before an announcement goes viral on Facebook. It’s better to have everyone on board before they hear about it from some other source and to do this properly there’s need to have a bank account set up, trustees to over see it etc.

Better to have all that in place before a formal announcement is made.




This one looks impressive … done by a guy called Paddy Campbell


Agree with all yall, Family first, they must give permission, then DCB etc.


Maybe alanoc could get in touch with his family .


I’d say Heffo himself would prefer Dublin to keep winning Sam as a monument.


I love your first point

The artist is really interested. Too right he is for 20k :joy::joy:


The more I think about it I don’t think it’s a runner, and also Dublin city arts council have a rule that a person must be 25 years dead before a statue can be put in the city. So would have to be private property, Parnell park etc.


They seemed to “Restructure the Rules” when naming the New Bridge…


It’s not a matter for city arts council - 25 years is a silly rule anyway.


Kevin Heffernan Boulevard has a nice ring to it.

O’Connell was a knob, anyway.


Champ de Heffo. May as well class it up a little.


Have to say I’ve never been too happy with dublin.

Rename it heffernan and be done with it.

And if split in two, the other half Kevin.

You would have a Kevin heffernan Leinster final.