Time to honour Heffo




I always thought that that would be the thing to do UNLESS St. Vincent’s GAA Club wanted to rename their home.


Won’t post any more about it in this thread but the comparison is not really relevant, the tweet was in the context of the massive media & public coverage of the battle between specifically those two players, the refereeing of it, etc. It had been going on for years and now ended in the final replay with the black card. Considering the two lads seemed joined like a tempestuous marriage I felt the tweet was actually on the money, and very funny.

Sometimes there’s a moment when even an official outlet can do something a bit bad, and that was it. We will look back on it and laugh, and I’m sure even Mayo folk will too, in it’s context.

The Gift Grub “John Mullane” bit when Sky were allowed coverage of gaelic games was another such example, well, it wasn’t bad taste at all really, just Mullane or somebody got over-sensitive.


Ah, it wasn’t the smartest decision Mossy Quinn ever made, not with all the Keegan kerfuffle that was already going on in the media. I presume it was him at the controls, as the funny movie gif’s that come from the official Dublin Twitter account, are very similar to the one that he posts from his own personal Twitter account. It’s surprising, as he is nornally very circumspect when he dips his toe into meeja stuff.


Wasn’t Mossy AFAIK


Yeah, am happy - and not surprised - to be corrected on that. When he is on the wireless, you can literally hear him biting his lip when one of the Off The Ball muppets mouths off about the Dubs.


Mick Fitz little bro doing internship is it not and does the social media part!, anyone who was outranged by that is a Muppet, its sensationalism picked up by clickbait sites like the indo, Balls and Joe.ie.

Anyway, 5 euro off 10,000 people is 50K, Collect at Dublin matches etc, raise the statue somewhere in the city with permission of the council funded by the Dublin supporters. Sounds goods.

Boylan and Paudie have one


Would agree with that as well. In re-naming the ground it’s important to be inclusive as it’s not just football that’s played there and while he’s mainly known as a footballer & football manager, Heffo also won 6 county hurling championships, so both codes are covered.


Maybe we can rename Croke Park seeing as it’s our home ground …


All ya need is something like this


Considering the Dublin fan base you could raise the money in no time to pay for a statue . Where you would put it is the next question but Parnell Pk would be a good location . Or would Vincents folks prefer it to have it at their ground ?


Further to this, wait until the bedwetters read Joe Brolly’s latest article.


[quote="_TL, post:31, topic:1204, full:true"]
Further to this, wait until the bedwetters read Joe Brolly’s latest article.
[/quote]It’s been interesting tracking the reaction on twitter alright


It would have to be in a Dublin capacity and would have to be somewhere like Parnell Park, out side Parnell park on the Malihide road, Griffith Avenue, Clonliffe road etc. To me it would be on the corner of Clonliffe where the ticket van used to be , across form the sunset house.

I don’t mind help driving it if people want to take it seriously, could take a couple of years but.


I suppose the first step would be getting in touch with the DCB and seeing what their views are on it and see what they would propose the best way to go forward . I’m sure they would have no problem someone outside funding it . Takes the cost off them .


Ok, what I will do first is see can I get a quick quote, see if its realistic, then go from there,

Il send a couple of enquiries out today.


I think it would be good to get his family on board early if anything is being done?

I think somewhere in Parnell Park would be the ideal spot. Inside the gate on the left where everyone who come in would see it.


In addition to what’s said above, just a couple of thoughts:

  • If considering Parnell Park as the site, then isn’t that private property and as such outside of the remit of Dublin City Council?
  • Or perhaps they have to be consulted for planning/by-law approval?
  • Obviously Dublin County Board would need to be involved from the earliest possible date.


I have received a reply from a prominent bronze statue “artist” who has had some big commissions throughout Dublin and Ireland, I asked him would he be interested and what would be the very rough cost to it, this is the information he provided:

  • He is definitely interested in the project.
  • If it is a Bronze statue of the man and outdoors we should make it over life size by about 15%.
  • Casting costs at the moment are 20K. His “artist” fee will be the same (20K) and said also allow for a granite plinth, dedication plaque, foundations etc. which would be around 10K (So 50K in total).
  • He said it would be a good idea to get a model made of the proposal as this would help raise the funds needed.

So 50K to get probably the main man in Ireland involved with it. Hard to locate online anyone else as prominent.


Also by PM only just for the moment I can provide a link to the website with his commissions. (statues)


Ask him if hes interested in taking on anybody :wink:, if that’s the going rate then that’s the going rate . I think that could easily be raised considering there was several hundred thousand Dublin fans looking for tickets for the final . So that’s the production sorted . Next as has been said is get in touch with the family & then DCB or Dublin Council . Might be easier to get done if your going through the DCB instead of the council .