Things that lead you to interesting places


Only really based on strange connections .
Was listening to a podcast from Marc Maron with Duncan Jones ( son of David Bowie ) .Went through his filmography & found out he directed World of Warcraft. Was looking through the actors & noticed Tony Kebbell who I’d remembered from a decent film years ago , Rock n Rolla. So checked to see what his upcoming films were & saw that he’s going to be staring in a film called " Bank on Mr Toad". It’s a biopic about Kenneth Grahame , author of Wind in the Willows . Brought me right back to my childhood .
Anyway looked up about the author & interesting read here .

So ressers , it’s just a thread about subjects which might interest you . Share some random stuff with us !


Really great idea of a thread, will give it some thought.
Wind in the willows can never be the same again.


Was originally thinking of six degrees of Kevin Bacon theme but went this . Just a thread for far out things to chat about !


Good choice, while six degrees idea would be grand, this gives more scope.


Geocaching. Cos there is nothing like hanging around graveyards, parks and random places solving clues and looking for things hidden in trees!

It is great craic altogether. Leads you to all sorts of interesting things.


Just read up on it there , sounds like a fun activity . Have you discovered anything good ?


Have you ever been arrested for looking suspicious? Dublin man arrested in Wicklow for suspicious behavior. Strange looking devices where found to be in his possession. An Even stranger item found was a container filled with a unfamiliar ‘soup’ and raw sausages. Environmental safety where called along with the bomb squad to seal of the area. The suspect was removed from the scene while shouting at the officials that’s me bleeding lunch yiz dopey f***.


Ha. Next Geocache I’ll do I’ll leave me Ma’s Coddle recipe for the next person.


For anyone new to geocaching there is a cool one in the Botanic Gardens just behind the big curvilinear. Great fun if you can bring a little one along.


The one called Beetlejeuce