The worst ads ever!


Ah no that an post ad where the kid is like “oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah” absolutely horrendous. Reason I left the country…


I know the copywriter on that ad he is actually quite proud of it. Though while it wouldn’t be my taste my 65 year old father in law loves it. So much he bought a carbon monoxide alarm in Aldis.


The eircom ad ‘anything you can do…’ with that mad looking yoke singing. makes me to want to smash my foot through the screen.

Any ads from any banks the hypocrite fucks. Especially UB.

Always liked this though love to see them do sound effects to me clapped out grand scenic.


Car ads full stop, sickening.


Ha, love it!


Best ads ever…

A pint of plain is your only man! :raised_hands:

And or course, who could forget Nicole :heart_eyes:…Papa


Ah Nicole. The lovely Nicole.


We’re backing brave…while we ride you and take your gaff.





Similarly I always wanted Richard Dunne to play on the same team as Tom Cleverley so the commentator could say

And would it kill Vincent Kompany to sign for Wolves so we could have a Kompany of Wolves headline?


Can you remember Gary Lineker (or was it Dishy Des?) announcing on MOTD that Charlton’s defence was “Fish, Costa, Fortune”?


Home Instead senior care - to us it’s personal (€€€€€)… ugh

Sue Brady, ace athlete with the precocious grandson …


Home Instead Senior Care,
We’ll take your parents’ gaff.


Celtic used to have Oliver Tebily and Rafael Scheidt in their defense. One Rangers wag said on a radio phone in show that he hoped they’d sign David Weir and play three at the back so their back line would be ‘Weir, Tebily, Scheidt’


Or Germany’s Muller and Marco Reuss taking a set piece. Would it be a Muller Reuss corner?


This one.


That “Eurocycle Eurobaby prices can’t be bet” ad on Radio Nova really gets on my tits.


Anything that says “All you can EAT data”…



Has anyone else heard that shite ad that is on Q102 to clean up your dog poo. The ad then finishes with a song about dog crap.


Can I just say Auld F***** C*** Mr Brennan again? Mwahhaahahahaa.