The worst ads ever!


What about the one about kids not climbing over ESB power station fences to get their footballs back? Really, really old ad, from the 80’s so it was, so it was. Scared the crap out of me at the time. Got my attention though, which is the point after all, innit’?


Used to get all the farmer ads on at tea time TV

“Cheno Unction, it’s a quare name but great stuff”

There was also a crappy one featuring Galway hurler Joe Rabbitte waving a white flag
DJ Carey did some sort of an ad for lactating cows or summit similar as well…


Was it Ciba Guigy, quare name but great sthuff?
Also the farmer who ‘bought in’ some cattle and infected everyone else’s cows. He says ‘but I got them at a good price’. An angry farmer says to him 'Do ye still think they were a good price? Love to see that one again, it was like a short western.


the moment when we reached peek culchie


I think Spillane even got in on the advertising farm supplies act at one stage long before celebrity endorsements or Testicle dinners were heard of in the Kingdom.

I’ve no idea what it was, but you could always hear an advert for sarcoptic mange pour-on at dinner hour back in good old 2 channel land.


This last one is scary… just for Halloween…


Sally O Brien turned out to be Michelle in Allo Allo

dirty french ■■■■■■■ coming in here stealing our women.

with their eiffel tower and their leetle hats.


Denis hickey and wavin pipe…


Ah no, noooo, nooohhh!! Mick ads are brilliant. Now if you’d said Auld Mr Brennan, I’d love to smack that c***!

Anyone remember an ad from late 70s/early 80s, could’ve been Fanta but more likely a travel agency ad, consisted of big balloons flying above a sunny, glowing beach somewhere, to the sound of Breakaway by Gallagher and Lyle? Never been able to find it


JWT perhaps?


Remember Horslips singing “Miranda” which was the Irish version of Fanta I think :thinking:


Go Compare … not to mention Churchill … oh yessss


What’s that - Finnegans Wake?


That could be it alright. This is becoming ‘best ever ads’ but can’t let it pass without mentioning "hoots mon, there’s fruits…loose…aboot, this, hoose!!


JWT used to have ‘join the JWT set’ jingle. There was a travel agent called Breakaway Travel - I think that’s why they used that G&L song.




In order of hatred “Dis is no ordinary Panto” makes me want to ram the car into a ditch if I hear it when driving. Ruins the Christmas season to be honest.
The Eir ad? with some young one singing “Anything you can do I can do better” and last but not least, Hi Dad how are you, great Mary, just had Global Home Improvements around to do the gutters and the roof and the… Aah Jesus Da not this shite again.
Big shout outs too to any health Insurance or Mortgage ads. Thank God for the BBC.


Testicle dinners!! Well, what do ye make of that Joe Brolly?


Deffo JWT.

Always wanted Bernard Gallagher and Sandy Lyle to be 6 shots clear going into the final round of The British Open so that a Red Top could have had had the headline “Gallagher and Lyle breakaway”.


Other famous/infamous ads…

“Sure if I give that to my lad now, sure he’d be jumpin’ 'round the garden… heh-heh-heh-heh”.

Anyting to do with Harvey Norman and/or Bargaintown.