The weather winter 16/17


Not quite. 2009?


I felt a very worrying chill coming out of Croker on a particular day in August that year.
Enjoying the warm glow now, however.


Was from the north really though, wasn’t it? Or was a transient easterly? Have to look it up. Anyway I saw some less encouraging charts today, I’m keeping schtum til it’s much closer. Definite trend still there but real cold easterly now pushed back out


The thunder snow event from the “beast from the east” was originally a Scandinavian/Svalbard high pressure. It then transferred over to Greenland and developed an “omega block”.

It’s 50/50 for us Al in this upcoming set up by the looks of things. A shift west by 100 odd miles could get us right in the game, but a shift east (not that likely) could see us in the warm segment, meanwhile east England could get a battering.


Firming up now on a cold/very cold spell from later on this week and quite possibly prolonged and very possibley snowy as it progresses. It’s drawing off a flow of air from a cold continent and do should effect the east more than the rest of the country.

Updates as we enter the arena!!


Not seeing that much of a cold spell or snow in the charts for us meself Rochey. Next couple of days much colder, especially the east. Maybe some wintery flurries. Hard frosts away from the coast. After that, still cold but gradually a bit less cold, and mostly dry. It’s a watered down siberian cold, close but no cigar. Scotland and northeast England will get something a bit colder, and possibly a bit snowier, briefly.
Weak frontal troughs over Ireland in the short term may bring a bit more snow, more likely sleet at lower levels, in the next three days or so.


Has a storm ever had a more apt name than Storm Ewan due to hit our shores today…


It was supposed to be storm c**t but the alphabet won out!


Unlikely to get many games played this weekend. Proper rain for the first time in months!


What was the rain, the night of the Tyrone game…dry rain?


It was that pissy drizzle type rain though, the current spell is just incessant and not due to stop until tomorrow evening.


Yeah lashing non stop in tipp since about six this morning, all the local roads are in bits.


As an oul man said to me once , thats the lazy type of rain. ye know the rain that won’t go around you , it goes right through you.


I do know. It went right bloody thru me 2 weeks ago and I’m still not fully dried out. T’was bloody giblet freezing to boot !


Did they take the roads in Ted ?


We’ll be letting the roads out for spring soon.


Last paragraph in this article ‘’ Met Eireann is moving from numeric to probabilistic forecasting’ AND ’ Met Eireann will now be getting its forecasts processed in the UK’ !!

Jaysus, so bang goes the conversation starter about the weather forecasters ( Met E) being wrong about every parish in the country. I mean , we’re all used to it being unreliable, its reliably unreliable- cant it just be left alone … we can have an inquiry in 20 years…

‘‘Met Éireann used the facilities at the centre to run its numerical weather predictions software and also improvements to make the models run faster, says Sarah O’Reilly, head of technology with the forecaster.
This is about to change however because Met Éireann is moving away from numeric to probabilistic forecasting systems.
A close working relationship continues between the two bodies in climate modelling, says Prof Desplat but Met Éireann will now be getting its forecasts processed in the UK. He puts this down to “chronic underfunding” of the centre and its activities.’’

#118 445848.html


Glorious few days. Can’t beat blue skies and sunshine.