The weather winter 16/17


Not with a great degree of certainty, however, it can become a more likely or less likely scenario. As things stand it’s very much in the ‘less likely’ camp!


Was this on a Daily Express headline?


Joe Harte using the hairdryer again …


As opposed to the Mayo media, that predict a shit storm each winter?

I know which one, I’m more likely to believe.


Like I keep saying, some short ‘cold snaps’ from the north/northwest, at worst, or best, depending on your perspective.


Indeed Al, a very potent looking NW’ly for this day week if you believe GFS this morning (been showing it for a couple of days now) with some deep cold associated. Helped because the wind is more sourced from Greenland as opposed to Newfoundland.

After that, some suggestions of heights rising over Scandinavia. I’ll believe that one when the cows come home!!!


The difference being?


Colder in Greenland normally, and its nearer to us, so less of a distance to travel over the ocean to moderate the temperature down.


I honestly thought Newfoundland would be colder.


It can be from time to time, but the biggest factor is distance travelled over a moderately warm ocean!


It’s setting up to be super-chilled over Greenland in the next week. The cold there is not as consistent generally as Northeast Canada in mid-winter, due to various factors (oceanic etc)but because most of Greenland is very elevated (5-10,000 feet), it gets incredibly cold, very quick.

It’s rare enough these days for the set of synoptics needed to get a fairly direct flow from Greenland to Ireland, in Winter, during a very cold spell in Greenland. True cold polar-maritime weather (originating to the northwest of Ireland as against the far Arctic north) is one of the rarest spells of weather in Ireland these days.

It used to be fairly common in springtime in the 70s-mid 90s. Hardly ever since


So Thursday into Friday and Saturday should get much colder with the chance of wintery showers especially the further north you go and on higher ground. It will feel bitterly cold in the strong N/NW wind, so wrap up!!!


Jaysus, grand mild weekend past!



I’m trying to remember if this snowfall (Jan '82) was worse than what we had in late November into December, 2010. I think what we had six years ago was more prolonged and recurring whereas in '82, a huge amount of snow fell over approx 36 hours and froze over for about a week.


In 1982 the snow started to fall at about 10pm on a Thursday night. It continued non stop, and very heavily, until about 8am on the Saturday morning. It was accompanied by a strong easterly gale and what were then record low temperatures which led to drifting and very icy conditions which lasted about a week.
2010 was a longer and colder spell of nearly a month. The snow was spread out over that period and built up after each snow fall. In my opinion 82 was a more intense snowfall in that it all fell in about 34 hours leaving us with snow several feet deep. (We used to measure in inches and feet in those days. Maybe with Brexit we will go back to imperial measurements soon). My big memory of 82 is of gangs of neighbours coming together to dig out cars and clear roads of deep snow. That didn’t really happen in 2010.


Beast from the East threatens again, in about one week, and this time it’s personal. All I will say is its definitely possible. Not saying any 1982 or 1979 or ‘perish’ the thought '63, or even '85 about to happen. But…


I wasn’t around in '63. But what happened in '79 and '85, @25AliveOh?


Often promised by the NWP computers, but rarely do they occur, and when they do, often run out of ooomph before they hit us.

Caveat: ECM has consistently modelled this for 4 days straight now and some other runs are also picking up on it. Tonight’s run in particular was a stomping run for cold and snow lovers.

Staring down the barrel of our coldest weather this winter starting tomorrow night with possibility of a milder lull Sat/Sun potentially going much colder there after.

Time will tell.


Bit of a damp squib. 15 minute snow shower this evening and nothing else forecast for tonight. What happened the monster snow and cold that we were promised.