The weather winter 16/17


Some of you won’t be happy until we’ve all been found frozen to death in our beds. I’m of an age that I can remember being at the league final 1967 (Galway (Boo!) 12 points, Dublin 1-7 and Gerry Davey missed a sitter in the last minute) - so I can appreciate the mild weather.
The highest December temp in Dublin was 17.1 in 1948. Amazingly, 18.3 was recorded in Wales in 1971 in similar conditions to what we’re having at the moment. No, I don’t remember it - all courtesy of Google!


Ah, I’m not giving up, just disappointed that despite all the signals, there have been a few things that have over-ridden all them. The vortex looks like regrouping. It’s pretty grim, but you never know. There’s still some hope for closer to Christmas, but I’d rate that at best 35-65 in favour of a real cold outbreak.

These last few days of unseasonal warmth are not uncommon, but allied to the benign Autumn we just had, it’s indicative of climate change. Worryingly!


So no chance of a white Christmas at all in our heck of the woods, maybe on the hills in Donegal, but that’s it! The ‘drivers’ of our weather all pointed towards a much colder December than we’ve had, but a European high pressure fell set up, squashing the chances (for sustained cold weather we need high pressure in northern latitudes and low pressure south of our lands.)

Hard to see any real change until maybe week 2 of January, and I will monitor it, but long range forecasting is a perilous mission!

After the stormy next few days pass, we settle back into calm and mostly dry weather from Stephens day onwards for the time being anyway.


The weather super computers are toying with the idea of s cold/very cold start to the new year. A potential Greenland high pressure setting up. Similar to 2010… Time will tell.


So what are the odds of more biblical floods, that entail gettingn to Enniscorthy, via New Ross, Gorey, Mullinavat, Mullinahone, Urlingford and Anchorage, Alaska? That was some mad craic last year.


No sign of floods, not even in Dunsink or the Dunkettle interchange. The potential I saw in the charts for a pattern bringing cold by late December is starting to show itself more in reality, and in some sort of reasonable timeframe (one week). So icy roads at the start of the new year are very possible


New year cold will be a short lived affair (1-2 days) and looking quite dry, maybe some coastal precipitation. Anything that does fall around new year should be white!


Need to mix some concrete and lay some slabs on Saturday Rochey, how will the weather treat me?


Well I’m sorry I’m not the all-round great that is Rochey but the weather for Saturday in, presumably Dublin, looks very good for concrete mix etc.


Don’t worry Al, you’re everyone’s second favourite bad weatherman.


Dust off the snow shovels!


Thanks Tommy. I can’t help it, bring on tempests, floods, and blizzards any day, I fookin hate mild+pleasant me!


Then I’d say you’re loving the latest output then Al!


To coin a phrase, some great contenders for Ironic QOTW there, in a week or so. Lots of potential in some of the charts but most of them still too far out, and not convincing.

Siberian/Scandinavian blocks that have brought any significant cold to Ireland haven’t really been seen since the 90s, and nothing lasting since the 80s.

Whilst it’s a serious possibility, we’ve been here many times, even closer. As long as it keeps moving back/remaining in FI then it’s just for fun. Brief northerly cold snaps still looking the only strong likelihood. Here’s hoping though.


Pardonnez moi old stock, but this must have been has been one of the mildest autumns and winters (the first part of it anyway) in yonks. And I for one, think it’s bleeding fabulous, especially when I am starting my morning commute at 7am. Why would anyone wish one of these Siberian blocks on us? Are you right in the head at all, at all, at all ? ? ? ? :unamused:



Níl mé ceart go lóir, muinteoir


Any views or indeed confirmation on the English media writing about an expected snow storm - lengthy cold blast expected to reach Ireland and Britain from January 14th or so and last for two to three weeks


Sections of the english media say each winter is going to be a snow storm


Cannot possibly predict something like that ten days out.