The "underrated" thread




No, in a late night Turkish or Lebanese place. Seriously though, lamb would be wasted in coddle.


Nothing is wasted in Coddle, that’s the point of it.

Putting 10 Million in funding into Kildare GAA, now that’s a waste. Still wouldn’t win squat.


Blue lamb chops. Why the fook would you burn them??


Cooked fast and very hot, they burn around the edges, small parts that touch the pan more than the rest… Blue??

No, lamb would indeed be wasted in coddle, it has a distinct and wonderful flavour and should not be ruined by the coddle flavours.


Worcester Sauce.




Having the house to yourself in the evening or for a few hours at the weekend


It’s where to hide the size 9 high heels in the interim that’s the problem.


Al’s posts


The weather


Al’s posts.


Cats are bastards.


Still lovely compared to people though.


No they’re not. They are like scorned women- all of the time.


Sounding like an expert there @Iomaint


Just have to know bow to treat em.


Playing corner back.


Know bow to hold them, know bow to fold them, know bow to walk away and know bow to run ???

Words to live by dude, words to live by :+1:


Bow don’t know how