The Res Dubs Hall of Fame (or shame?)


Can you pre book these tickets?

Second match

Jumpin Jack Flash against any CAUC that tries to contaminate a coddle with a poached egg.

Rolls up sleeves, spits in hands and practices his Charles Manson stare.


Me vs @Unbelievable to once and for all prove we aren’t the same person… @beeko can fight the winner


So what your saying is that could be like the film fight club? :facepunch:


I did enjoy our trip to Peru …oops :flushed:


I’m looking forward to this



Rochey is more like a brother to me than a pal !


You can choose your friends…


He s mad and annoys the ■■■■ out of you ? Or maybe that’s just my brother…


Why does your brother annoy the shit out of @McDaddy?


Well he annoys the ■■■■ out of everyone so he probably would .