The Res Dubs Hall of Fame (or shame?)


No think it was a different one. There was one were we got a riddle to solve of where the pub was.

There also was another outing around Christmas, think a 12 pubs trip and a bit of surfing took place!

I left the one in your place at about 4am as it looked like it was over and then it carried on a hell of a lot longer.


i came across this much earlier Ressers outing to the cinema …


Yes in the blarney stone, Jesus I was at all of them.


so these Christmas parties do happen! Where do I sign up for the cabal!


Did not do.

Now we just go on the piss at Dublin games


Fake news!


The number 6 jersey was auctioned off…tickets were sold by…


I was woken by the misses from the couch in the reception area at 7.30. Front doors wide open. Was in the bad books for about a week after that and even agreed to go off the drink for a while, which lasted 2 days.
Great night though


The do in Harper’s place was a serious session alright


You wait and see…
Tweed trousers will be back, mark my words.


Who stayed in the car up at the car park? Parish and Dave?


Yeah I was scarred for life after that night.


Is mcdaddy your pal from kickhams ?


I’ll let @McDaddy answer that! :slight_smile:


Thought I recognised him, he s pally with a good mate of mine.




Bono !!


He wishes he was bono


Given some of the back and forth that goes on on here, perhaps an octagon might be a more suitable venue for the next Res Dubs sporting event…:boxing_glove::martial_arts_uniform::facepunch:t4:

White Collar Deathmatch anyone?..for charity, of course…


1st up midget hopper v old man rochey