The Res Dubs Hall of Fame (or shame?)


Is whatever not no 15?


Are the guys you played (in the background) the same lads that played in the indoor game in that Fr Ted episode?


No, can’t see his number, he is in the middle at the front, 15 is MrNavy, doesn’t post anymore, rarely did anyway. Who the fook gave Falcon number 6, he was bleedin useless!


Is Mr Navy from the Briggan?


Couldnt tell you. Do you not recognise any of the lads in the picture??? I’m surprised especially if you know lads from the Brig…


Don’t thinks that’s Mr Navy. Looks a bit like him alright, but its a different lad


Cant remember who 15 is, not MrNavy and not from Balbriggan. My number was 12, 3rd from the left in the front.


Cool - if you don’t know 15 its not who I thought it was nor clearly is it you!! :joy:

The Briggan lads I’d know would be a bit older and not as obese as lads in the picture


Ojay will probably remember who he is. I have sent him a message asking does he know.


From facebook

Back row L-R

Honcho, AN Other, Boris, DaithiMor, MickOD, Harper, TrueBlue2, Maynard, Me

Front row L-R

Ojay, Hopper, whatever, The Parish,Gerire, MacDaddy, ronMalone


Is that Joe McNally in navy Bib?


It sure is. He played for the masters against us.


Thats it and yes, Maynard. Was a good poster on the old site.


Didn’t he run the nutmeg teeshirts thingy?? Or am I really losing it?


You don’t know Rupert?? You don’t really know the Brig if you dont now Rupert

Ah yea, Maynard, thats right. Doesn’t Mr Navy go on the Joxer loony bus to away matches? Think thats who we met this season at a match


He may been a partner in running it but not 100% sure. Joe aka MrNutmeg was the owner and runner.

Think Maynard wrote articles for the fanzine, Blue & Navy, that was created for a while.


Yes he does, @MrNavy


Remember the Christmas Party WB organised, ah the old clique :joy::stuck_out_tongue:


Mate knows him alright


Was that the one in my place? Don’t remember much about that