The "overrated" thread


But he plays great music.


And he’s not really sardonic


Sardonicus is everybody’s friend
Sardonicus keeps fighting til the end …


Great show that, her accent is sexy as.


He is very cork alright.


He is too Cork. Had to stop watching those Creedon’s Shannon/Creedon’s Ancient East type programs. Never stops rabbiting on about being from bloody Cork. No one cares mate !


Yerman hook is as bad if not worse. CAWRK CAWRK. herself is from Cork and she can’t stand the way they go on about effing cork down here.


Hook is full of shite. Ya can’t compare him and Creedon, who is clearly a really sound bloke. I wouldn’t share a taxi with Hook


I’m very sorry for your trouble. :crazy_face:


We all have our cross to bear.


True enough. he does mention he is from cork every 5 minutes like creedon. That’s the only comparison i was making.


Add the Late Date to that, and the Saturday and Sunday morning show when Carole Moran is on.


Who listens to the radio anymore?

Actually back to the thread title. The Radio


I blame video …


I thought this thread was dedicated to me, then I realised it was “over rated” and not “over eated”


Tea. It’s just hot water.


Passes the time when you’re doing the dishes or some other boring job. Can’t listen to music all the time.


Red Hot Chilli Peppers


Daniel Day Lewis.