The "overrated" thread


Tom Happens, or Fiachna O’Braonain, no?


or is it something Dunne…?


Nothing Dunne.


Dave Fannings 2fm show on Saturday and Sunday mornings can be good with some decent guests.


Can’t listen to the bloke at all.


Rory McIlroy


Some of the Beeb’s stuff is great, but I have to mention the brilliant Paul McLoone on Today FM and also the excellent Jerry Lang on U105, with Jerry’s Jukebox which plays great ‘old gold’ with plenty of pop trivia questions thrown in. Both essential listening.


The FOBster. Often stands in for Creedon but has his own show I think?


FO’B does telly work for TG4. Not sure about the wireless.


I can see Deirdre now Lorraine has gone …


Jeremy Clarksons favourite choon.

You are dead to me now.

Dead !


Absolutely and the Ryder cup - the glory of the eh continent.


Superhero movies.
Star Wars.


I can’t comment on Star Wars. I have never watched any Star Wars film for more than 5 minutes.


I had to watch some of them with the kids.
Was amazed how bad they were.


Nor have I watched any Indian Jones or Bond movies. Pretty sure I’ve avoided Super Hero films, also.


Fairly crap tournament alright.


All these plus every possible sci-fi, Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz and almost any other film ever. I have however seen Saturday Night Fever dozens of times …


“Seafood”…unless it’s in batter of course.


Creedon is a wa#ker imo. Full of irksome, sardonic Corkness.