The "overrated" thread


Agree. It’s possible to dislike both u2 and aslan. Singing the same ol shite on and off the stage for 30 odd years.


Except when Aslan are directly responsible for us winning an AI final replay. We love them then. G’wan Christy, hup ya boya ya !

Oh and Imelda May too. Can’t forget about her.


A new one in the stupidity/paranoid world of gaa Twitter - the GAA were psyching up the dubs when they played “let’s dance” for them as they came out at the start of the second half.

Apart from the stupidity it also reveals that the moron actually doesn’t go very often to croke park.


Sure did nt the Meath co board offer condolences to the Bowie family on David s death. No pro dub bias there.




Actually, could be in the under rated thread quite easily too!