The "overrated" thread


He is doing great since he got his iPad.


No doubt Dublin paid for that…


Paid iPad?


The iPad story was good. 2 dubs sitting in Ennis watching cork and Clare ( I think) with iPads and there was poor old Kerry with a pen and paper. Sweet jaysus I laughed at that one.


Ever hear of the The Kerry Association in London .No ? Neither had i , but in 2015 they handed over a cheque for €335 K to help build the center of excellence. The cheek of Fitzmaurice to go the poor mouth route when they are siphoning huge amounts of money out of GB & the states through “fundraising” . But you don’t hear about that much .
The great thing about fundraising is you can never point a finger at it as its not coming directly from HQ , but they are hoovering up huge amounts . I wonder is it taxed too :thinking:. The amount of dodgy under the table stuff in that regards is rampant I’d say . But again , ya never hear it been publicised much because its “above board”.


Aslan. Especially Dignam. Yuck.


Oh yeah, and that Kerry full forward line!


It’s been said before but I’m nominating “alluded to”

It’s become one of those annoying GAA-isms and it’s always used wrong. There was a stinker yesterday when Joanne Cantrell said something like “x is a great player” and in a rambling reply the guest said how she alluded to him being a great player. Just bugs the shite out of me.

Alluded to = to hint.

Saying things as they are is not a fucking allusion.

(Speaking of GAA-isms we had another referee bio in yesterday’s programme about matches coming under his jurisdiction. Why do GAA programmes get littered with language from 1884?)


Alluded means referred - not hinted, actually referred.


Inferred? Not sure referred conveys the meaning fully?

“Lauded” being used to mean slagged off. It actually means praised to the high heavens.

Oh, and that Kerry full forward line. :laughing:


Inferred means that something is hinted.


Yer woman on the Trivago adverts.


Get out of my head ! :clap: :clap: :clap:


John Travolta.
Nicholas Cage (Lord of War aside).


Not a fan of Face-Off then…@beeko


Ridiculous film, in my opinion.


Are they not goggles you wear at night to see in the dark?:eyes:


Saw Christy a few minutes ago funnily enough.


I’m not a fan of Aslan but I don’t think anyone overrates them.
Christy Dignam seems like a grand fellow, he made a bad move and paid for it.
I’d prefer to listen to him anytime rather than Bono…


Would rather listen Jim McGuinness gushing about himself than listen to Bono.