The "overrated" thread


Awful, awful yokes altogether.


I think you have to be vegan to like them


Yeah. They’ve become trendy now, like quinoa & kale. God knows why. Sweet potato pie is v popular in 'Murica, but they add brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon & whatnot to it, so it’s borderline edible. The schpuds on their own are rank.


Portugal football team


Mayo football team. :laughing:


Playing a home game… Oh ■■■■ sorry I meant to put this in the underrated thread


I think we need to stick Kerry in here. Already we are hearing the narrative (even from Dubs here) that it might be a year early for them. So the assumption already is that ALL these young lads will be All Ireland winners. This group includes Jack Barry and the other Jack, Morley and the Begley fella - all of whom have had their faces washed by Dublin. We won’t even mention Crowley, O’Brien - Donaghy even - or a few others who have made little impact against the greatest team to ever play the game. There may even have been a 2-17 to 0-11 scoreline somewhere in all this. Beating Clare and Cork by cricket scores is so reaffirming but what will happen when they meet defenders, footballers … class acts. I know and I’ll tell ye in early September.


What will the score be?


Unlike the Mayo jousts we’ll be clipping the Havana’s around the 55 minute mark …


I love sweet potato fries


Much healthier, too.


Tayto (crisps)




How do you cook them, with out their dissolving into soggy mush, oh wise one? Let’s presume the person asking, doesn’t own a chipper style chip pan, or eat fried food in general.


Slice them, and roast them with a good glob of olive oil to coat.

Takes about 30 mins @190C, move them about every 10 minutes or so. De-lish.


That’s what I do. They come out soggy mush.


Thinner Slices, Slightly higher temp. Moving them about stops the Burned/Mushy divide.


They can be a decent chip when done well but that’s a rarity and really, for that much oil, a regular potato chip is much nicer. i mean the sweet potato chip doesn’t even go with vinegar, that kind of god forsaken chip does not go with vinegar.


Throw some cajun spice on them too


Yep cajun spice all over them, sprinkles of sea salt in the oven. Have also had them in the deep fat fryer and they are delish but sort of defeats the healthy option. Have tried them in the air frier but they do come out a bit mushy so go with the roast option