The "overrated" thread


You’re doing a fine job! I can barely turn on a PC!


Learning Yml, ruby and Ngnix … wholly different to my usual php & html based setup.


They are children’s TV characters to me …


That’s like a drunken late night booty call…


… from experience?


If you ever need a hand, lemme know. Ngnix and Ruby are bread and butter to me.


Jaysus really, i might take you up on that at some point. cheers.


No worries. 90% of what I do these days is in AWS, but hosting is hosting, code is code, configuration files are configuration files, and Developers are Muppets.


I should have asked really, YML is new to me and the spacing seems ultra sensitive, was scratching me head for hours yesterday trying to get this to work - have it sussed now after getting a guy in america to fix me code. $100 to add a : to the end of one line :roll_eyes:


Gofundme page?




It happens. AWS have a “brand” of JSON, that’s just different enough to be really, really annoying. Ruby and JAVA apps with YML backend configs are very common now. Many’s a time I’ve wanted to shove an errant colon up someones elses colon.


What’s a PC ?


I don’t know what a tracker…


Upgrades to servers, when existing ones work fine :wink:


Great pic. Now put on the great 1980s tune “We Fade to Grey” by Visage and sing it to the lyric, “…in Hector Grey’s”.


I note the Lucky Ring beside it … obviously not @JJF’s …


Luck and me don’t belong in the same sentence.


It does, bad luck!


If it wasn’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all.