The "overrated" thread


Come on now laydeez…



Supervalu along with Tesco have market share of 22%. They are not small by accounts. Spar more of a Kwiki Mart. Lidl not bad but I think Aldi are pulling away from them. But I do like the big bags of popcorn in Lidl.


Getting along is so overrated.


To be fair to Super Value, they do great deals on the gargle. Last bank holiday weekend it was a euro a can of Heineken. I got through 3 trays and it only cost me 72 euro


24 cans in each tray?


Your good at the aul sums!


Do we call you Heinekener now?


The sitcom Friends - drivel.
Vince Vaughn.
Ben Stiller.
Adam Sandler.


Ben Stiller is very good in Greenberg and Adam Sandler is brilliant in Punch Drunk Love and The Meyerowitz Stories
But yeah…
Usually I give them a swerve




Cats - the animal, not the musical
Good Fellas - d’filum, not the pizza
Les Miserables - the musical, not the Mayo footballers


Birds (feathered and unfeathered)


Als posts


Cats, absolute bastards

This thread is blaspe… blapha…, this thread is a load of ballcox
Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler. Mother of jaysus. What are yiz looking for??


Happy Gilmore - Best film ever about Golf.

Mind you, the competition is The Legend of Bagger Vance, and Tin Cup. gulp.





Murray is shite in that but the banter with Ted Knight is terrific.


I stand corrected. Still think Happy Gilmore edges Caddyshack out though.

Apollo Creed singing “We’ve only just begun” - classic.


totally overrated. People happily overlook him shagging that underage groupie as well.


Now that’s fcuking blasphemy …