The Mun fundraising night in Croke park


That’s enough info cheers


You can do an online entry for €10. Info above. Chance to win €1000 if you 1 to 15 spot on!


Well that was a fantastic night! Brolly is some man for the stories! Him and Whelo were great entertainment! Head is banging today!


Did you make the best 15 Rochey ?


Hah… No. It was 1-15:
Davey Byrne, Philly McMahon, Gerry Hargan, Paddy Christie, James McCarthy, John Small, Alan Hubbard,
Dermot Deasy, John Kearns, Tommy Carr, Ian Robertson, Dean Rock, John McCarthy, Barney Rock and Anto McCaul… I didn’t even make the subs bench! Some team though. That full back line is incredible!

Some of the stories were absolutely hilarious, some of them quite touching too. Brolly is some man for the tales, he got up to speak for 5 minutes and was still there for half an hour later!


Jesus serious line up…


How many lads with four All-Ireland SFC medals wouldn’t make his club’s all-time team?


That was a brain fart, amended now! Head melted from late night beers. Not able for it anymore!