The money thing


Very good :joy:


Poor Ewan doesn’t like it when he’s called out on his whinging


Maybe becaue you are bitter Ewan :open_mouth:


Have to admit its priceless reading his whinging . His obsession with Dublin GAA literally consumes him . I know its his “job” as a journalist but does all this bring him any job satisfaction ? He’s rattled to ■■■■ on a daily basis . He’ll only be happy if they cut all funding to us , split us in two , kick us out of the championship . For his own sanity he’d be better off covering something else .


I think people who keep promoting hate-filled tweets here should be banned.


Subaru is just a natural reward for all the years of free advertising we gave them with dedicated hand-break turns around Coolock etc. Mitsubishi should really sponsor us for nowt too. And Mazda


god love him.

he was back on the last word last week, trotting out all the usual stuff.

although the segment was supposed to be a preview of the o’byrne cup, he never got round to talking about the match itself.


Meltdown from Spewan incoming



Please please please stop posting shit from him? It gives his articles more clicks. The guy is obsessed with us, jealous and just a plain dickhead! We’re feeding that by posting links to his crap


For clarifcation the article isn’t from him


I think it’s all very entertaining anyway, keep it coming folks


There was an article in last Saturday’s Examiner asking each of the five Presidential candidates five questions - one was on ‘equalisation of funding’. Their answers are below … Only one candidate refers to transparency and accountability.

Equalisation of funding to ensure more of a level playing field between the haves and have nots has proven difficult — how would you go about it?

Frank Burke:
A priority for me is the provision of additional funding to the less resourced counties. Further, I commit to achieving a better balance in the distribution of resources by pursuing the process already begun in a staged progression of reallocation of Games Development funding. As Chairman of the National Games Development Committee, I have helped to initiate a review of personnel and structures. This review is ongoing and the resultant report will be of great assistance in determining both needs and capacities together with achieving balance and strategic investment going forward.

Robert Frost:
Most of our funding is going into coaching and games, which is where it should go and I want to see that continue in a manner that is well managed and shows good results. The reality is that some counties, particularly with large populations, have greater access to funding and commercial sponsorship although they would have greater competition from other sports. We have to strike a balance between funding growth and development in urban areas and ensuring survival and new ways of development in rural heartlands. I would do this by targeting funding for specific projects where clear benefits can be identified and defining clear criteria for agreeing priority areas for funding.

John Horan:
It is clear that there are differences in the income streams of counties and the matter needs addressing. The answer lies in how we spend our money. We cannot simply divide up the money, distribute it and then walk away. We need to look at what is needed in every county in terms of coaching development, facilities, games promotion, and any other relevant factors. We need to clearly identify any shortcomings or lacunas before we set about addressing them and we need to address them in a structured and sustainable way. We also need to ensure maximum transparency and accountability for any such expenditure.

Martin Skelly:
Dublin has agreed to a cut in its €1 million annual grant to develop the Association in the county. One can’t but admire what’s been achieved in terms of promoting and progressing the Association in our capital city and it’s been a real success story. The GAA has achieved a necessary return on that investment. However, now it’s time to better resource other counties and bring them to a position where they can compete with Dublin. A more targeted approach to the division of funding commensurate with a county’s ability to raise its own funding and sponsorship is required.

Seán Walsh:
The Association at national level has a large earning capacity. Regrettably, the earning capacity of individual counties is not equal by virtue of their size and their success. Distribution of national funds in relation to this anomaly must be addressed and reviewed. The first step in this process would be to have a collective forum with the Chairman, Secretaries and Treasurers of each county to ascertain, evaluate and indeed value each individual county’ needs and requirements.


interesting slip of the tongue from Mr Frost there…


And Mr Walsh … not every county can take €1m out of a trip to the US …


Problem Solved :grin:


If a full-strength Leinster team was picked for a Railway Cup game tomorrow, would it be 15 Dublin players?


I think Heslin for one might find a spot…


Dublin is already a province in the GAA for games development grants. its one of the little things that allows the haters to twist the figures.


Each county is now according to financial statement getting around 1 euro per head of population on average. Dublin population 1.3 million get 1.43. This seems to be a good way of distributing games development funding as it is aimed at recruiting kids who are not members.Then you have clowns like breheny who reckons there is an imbalance in the funding when dublin with a population of 20% of country get 14% of statement seems more transparent in that they seemed to move games development funding distribution from provincial councils to direct funding to counties . The jokeshop from kildare will be pulling his hair out.he cant twist it say dubs get 50% of development funding only 14% doesn’t sound the same.