The money thing


Bitter ■■■■


Yeah he can go to the jacks and feck himself in. And bring that Royal with him.


That Reilly chap is an unhappy bunny as well. He’s realised that’s Navan’s chance of it being a de facto Leinster ‘Home Stadium’ down the swanny. Also get the feeling he thinks there was some sort of a conspiracy as he says anytime Meath went looking for funding they didn’t get a sniff :smirk:


Sure the weapons of mass destruction that was never found was Dublins fault, did ya not know? Ya can throw Brexit in there as well. Its amazing to see how all the usual suspects jump on board to blame all their ills on Dublin senior footballers. If the Meath county board got their shit together they would be in a much better place.

All one has to do is listen to the barney Allen prank call to get an idea on how they operate in Mordor.


Navan had to take down their floodlights as they were unsafe. Says it all.


What you meant to say?


Oh he’s back at it !


Always great to imagine how hurt he’s felt the last two September’s and the Septembers in 2011 and 2013 :grin:


The clip actually highlights exactly why the others are so far behind. Dublin will continue to employ GPOs even when funding is cut. Meanwhile the others moan. I believe a number of GPOs have been offered within Meath and take up by clubs is very low. Much easier to moan and play the poor mouth than to get off your arse and improve the situation.

Wish we would stop promoting, quoting bitter nonentities


As long as we are successful he will always have something to crow about . His dream for an AI will probably never be a reality in his lifetime . As they say some people are only happy when they are unhappy so focusing on Dublin keeps him going & it will for a long time .


This from the same guy who is throwing out opinions about Dublin , wealth of knowledge …


:joy: :joy: :joy:

okay so, we can ignore this guy now?


They complain when Dublin’s home games are in Parnell. They complain when Dublin’s home games are in Croke Park. Where Do they want Dublin to play their home games? Newbridge?


Yes if they had there way


Any home games in the NFL against Meath or Kildare should be switched to the RDS immediately after the Dublin Horse Show. The smell of horse shite will make the visitors feel at home.


I seriously hope funding for GPO’s isn’t cut as Duffy suggests in the video. They do a great job at school level. In our local school there is FAI, IRFU, Cricket coaches among others offering their services as well as our GPO. If we lose funding and club’s cannot make up the shortfall we will see a fall off in numbers participating at juvenile level.
That’s the difference in Dublin, we have to compete against a lot more sports than any other county and is the reason we need to be in there competing for the hearts and minds of our kids.
Unfortunately a lot of GAA people outside Dublin don’t get this.


I imagine they want all home games in league played in PP. If they had their way all championship games played at the opposition’s ground . Then Leinster final in CP. Quarter & Semi now in PUC or Thurles .Final in CP. Will never happen due to the money we bring in at the gate .


I think the funding will be cut but DCB will pick up whatever the shortfall is from the HQ element. Meanwhile the moaners will continue to pump millions into managers and training camps and white elephants and then complain about the uneven playing field …


Dublin clubs get a total of €34k.

Kilkenny get €67,250
Laois get €105,500
Meath get €129,400
Offaly get €36k
Westmeath get €42k
Wexford €205,200 (no wonder they won tonight!)
Wicklow €79,500

Let the whinging begin … or not …


Look at the annoying little gnome head on him, says it all. You’d have to weep for all the titles he’s made his name with. In school I’d say he was that little smarmy git who constantly yacked on and on, trying to sound like he knows it all.

He’d be a massive fan of twats like Hecthor (where are ya now?), Pure Mule and all that shite. Brazil ffs