The money thing


not even going to click it. as ive said before - he is the jounalist, employed by one of the biggest media organisations in the world (the times being part of newscorp).

If Bitter wanted to, he could launch an investigation into this. He has had ten years and he never has. Untill then all he is, is a whinger. Looking at the caliber of those supporting him all they are are whingers as well.

I’m sure they are all club members and instead of mouthing off to their hero they’ll all be onto their clubs to have something done about it…


Looks like he’s having his arse handed to him in that little exchange. :slight_smile:


he doesn’t have the full facts so off he goes and writes a headline story about financial doping

only one dope there


you see - whilst i can understand the theory that one does not get into a shit flinging contest with a baboon - the things he is saying are actually really pretty destestible.

This is a guy who - lets be fair for a moment here - is engaging in a very worthy crusade against drug cheats in many sports.

He then uses the same terms to describe Dublin GAA. “Money Doping” = “Blood Doping” therefore he is calling Dublin GAA and their teams cheats. Thats that he is doing, only he uses coded words to say it.

Then he says “oh, I’m not having a go at Dublin GAA or their teams, I’m on about the GAA itself” but you cant be Doping a rider if the rider isnt agreeable to it. Again, its sly stuff, but you get the innuendo.

Not to mention the fact that he is now using the “manufactured” phrase for the hurlers, knowing full well that those in our hurling community find it very offensive. He is using it because he knows it is, his intention is to cause offence.

If this was just some gonzo on twitter or a blog - fine. This is a national journalist, who is given exposure on TV and Radio and other newspapers with this stuff.

Thats the problem I have.


Berno spoke out about it on the42 site .


just had a look at that.

he said it very well.

Interesting that one of the replies is the stardard thing you see “some of their clubs are bigger than counties” and yet that person doesnt understand that if you have 1 county that has within it a number of clubs “bigger than coutnies” then you will find that county gets a multiple of what other counties get.

Our moaning friends dont understand that the logical conclusion to their point is Ballyboden -v- Leitrim in the Championship.

I did put it to one of them last night that laois got €1.2 million, which is even more away from the norm than Dublins €2.4 million - no reply. As usual.

They are an echo chamber.


He’s talking B.S. I sent him the breakdown for 2015 on twitter that one of lads posted here last week.

Did he moved to Brazil or deported…


lol that was my post.

look, i live in a rural community and am a member of a rural club. I can also tell you that the tipp hurling backroom is the same size as dublins (clare hurling is actually bigger).

there is no comparison between the size of some of the dublin clubs and clubs here. they are a mulitple of our clubs, they get a multiple of our clubs’ funding.

everyone in the club scene knows this and understands it.

They envy it, and they think that because of the population thing alone that dublin is too big and is becomeing uncompetative. They know that everything follows from that. But at the end of the day its population, population, population.

This stuff from Bitter actually serves a purpose - its a very good indicator of discovering who on twitter/social media has NO involvement with the club and county scene beyond putting up a twitter or facebook account.


i have started to use the “if you think its unfair or the rules are bent for dublins favour go draft a motion for congress” line on twitter to the haters now. So far, not one comeback. funny that. course, you have to actually be a club member to do that…


anyway, since we’re all filthy rich dirty dubs, i was looking at and they print all the banners you see at sporting events. I know there were Res Dubs jerseys at one stage, how about a res dubs 2 in a row banner to be displayed come the spring? they let you design the banner, lots of prices and all that.

And no, I dont mean “F U Bitter from Brazil, Luv the Ressers”


If the ressers match for tom mulligan gets going again , we can give bitter the finger like fenton and co did to parkinson.


@Bosco I know Ojay is definitely talking about something for Tom’s 10 year anniversary next year so fingers crossed something will happen!




His articles are as accurate as his days playing corner forward for St James Gaels second team. Shit!


I agree I listened to his interview on Matt Cooper a while back and he was aloud blab on with cherry picked figures unopposed.any way I engaged with him on Twitter,for my sins, for a couple of days there and had him rightly running for cover.He is so badly informed he seemed to have no idea as to role of GPOs had to explain they mainly deal with primary schools and nurseries .Eventually Got him to admit he only included €3m out of €10m GAA games development funds and was ignoring provincial grants etc .At this point he started getting a bit of stick and ran from thread and accused Dublin fans of trolling.An ulster journo even called him a begrudger.I think he then realised he had basically tweeted away any credibility of his articles from the last 5years regarding GAA funding and started back tracking and trying to justify his ignoring of figures, full Bertie ahern mode,funny.As was said he does good work exposing corruption and drug cheats,but he needs to be exposed by someone on national media regarding his articles on GAA funding to DCB I won’t hold my breath.


[quote=“Dubdabs, post:55, topic:1208”]
.As was said he does good work exposing corruption and drug cheats,but he needs to be exposed by someone on national media regarding his articles on GAA funding to DCB I won’t hold my breath.[/quote]

Does he though? Seems to be the same modus operandi there too. Throw out a few connections and allegations - that’s the ‘proof’. Easy to sit there and say cycling, rugby, athletics etc are riddled with drugs. Different thing to actually provide proof. It’s easy to say or infer so and so’s performances mean they must be ‘at it’. I have never seen proof provided. Good man for asking the questions etc - don’t see any corroboration though.


When I heard PAUL KIMMAGE calling him an excellent journalist I nearly spat my coffee over the table. Unless it’s a one and one debate that fucker will never get exposed on a national level.


Evidence of financial doping emerges regarding top level experts in backroom team


Wonder will the bitter ■■■■ in Brazil be writing about that. Won’t be holding my breath…


So it’s not the €100 million then …