The money thing


correct on the sponsorship/commercial revenue thing, and it has been pointed out to me already today.

Re centre of excellence - in one of his previous rants, Bitter was enraged by the Football Centre of Excellence being built in Dublin.

I asked him where the Hurling one was - no reply (its in Waterford).

I asked him who demanded for it to be built there - no reply (it was the government and not the GAA, let alone the Dublin County Board who will not be using it).

The Gov wanted it in Abbotstown because its mostly empty (I did the great dublin cycle run through it last month). His only line was it was being “built for Dublin”


Yes and he is a complete and utter coconut. A hateful spiteful man. I challenged him before on his use of the word manufactured and got a complete load of shite back from him. Oh I’d love a challenge match agains that fella.


Bitter debating with ressers on twitter


Lads honestly why do you feed these trolls, they are only looking for a reaction.

It’s no wonder print media is on its knees with some of the tripe they print.


feeding trolls is getting into emotional and subjective debate with them - the whole dont debate with morons they’ll only drag you down to their level and beat you on experiance thing.

what this is about is actually hitting them with cold hard facts, and challanging them to disprove the facts.

It is sickening that these guys are allowed to get away with this stuff year after year and nobody from an official level goes out, sticks up a spreadsheet and a statement and refutes it.

and an arse on twitter is one thing - but to read that arse in the paper, hear him on the radio, see him quoted as an authority on all and sundry is a different matter altogether when we all know its a spoof.


A well known newspaper with a red top has apparently honey-trapped a top Dublin GAA official known only as JC - and in an undercover sting has uncovered explosive details regarding the county’s funding. The story is set to break this Sunday but some details have already leaked …

Reporter: So how much money does Dublin get?

JC: Well under special arranagments with HQ we get €50m.

Reporter: €50m?? For Dublin??

JC: No, no - €50m for the Northside and another €50m for the Southside.

Reporter: And what is that used for?

JC: Well we bought all the lads a Jacuzzi for their bathrooms – important for recovery and that if you follow me. I got one myself but that was part of ‘the deal’ …

Reporter: That’s a lot of Jacuzzis. What is the position regarding transport.

JC (laughs): Yes some counties have bought a bus I heard but that’s a bit rural to be honest. We have invested in a small jet but have yet to make that public. It’s great for the winter and summer training camps and the cryogenic chambers in Poland. And then of course the many holidays the lads get. We often hop on and just say to the pilot ‘Surprise us’.

Reporter: Are cars not good enough for ye?

JC: Haha of course they are. In fact our sponsors have provided 30 brand new 5 series BMWs with tomtom Satnav of course, because us fecking Dubs don’t know how to get to anywhere outside the capital.

Reporter: One for each player??

JC (laughs): No, no. They are for the backroom staff. The players all got state of the art S class Mercedes – with Satnav also obviously. Ha ha.

Reporter: I suppose you also get funded for coaching?

JC: Well it’s difficult in Dublin to compete with other sports. So in a bid to win those all important tiny hearts and minds we get funding to send every child in third class and a parent to Disneyland for a few days.

Reporter: You send every kid to Paris???

JC: No, no … to Florida.

Reporter: That’s obscene. I suppose they all get plenty of bibs and sliothars too?

JC: Ah yeah – it’s important that they have the right equipment. They also get kit bags, tracksuits, hoodies, which are a Dublin fashion statement as you know, ha ha, fleeces and we buy them their communion gear as well. It’s important that these kids look well at all times if they are representing THE brand.

Reporter: Do your players get paid?

JC: Absolutely not. Fortunately many of our lads are students but luckily the academic side of things only lasts half an hour a day leaving them plenty of time to train and rest. The others are unfortunately not working at the moment so the €2,500 weekly expenses and then paying their mortgages and credit card bills give them great peace of mind. To be honest it does help their football.

Reporter: Do you not think Dublin have an unfair advantage over others?

JC: Good God no! There is loads to do in this city. The zoo, nightclubs, soccer, rugby, shops, cinemas, museums, libraries. This is not a backwater where there is nothing to do but play GAA. We have to work hard to get people on board – and I’m not talking jet here. We need incentives and are happy that HQ assist with this and our generous sponsors too. Otherwise we would simply not be able to hoover up all the silverware. Hey! Are you recording this …


Love it!


Brilliant !


Meet the absurd with the absurd … :wink:


Great post.

A nice insight into reality for those who want to saddle up and do battle with the morons of social media.




Dub09, you have surpassed yourself. I just got off the bus and had some very strange looks from my fellow passengers as I could not stop laughing out loudly reading this. I can see a collection of your posts and Aido’s diary published just in time for Christmas.Title “Overheard on a GAA Forum”. All proceeds going to Dublin Gaa as we need the money!


Lord knows, we need the coin, Goddammit!


Please give up your day job. Cause you’re clearly wasted in there. Brilliant piece.


Thanks for the compliments and kind words. Just like Aido on the back of the trailer it’s nice to get good feedback.

The day job stays as long as the bloke in the EBS dictates … :flushed:


Brilliant! Giftgrub all the way


excellent stuff!


dont forget that, as well as packed lunches being supplied to the team at work by waiters with silver platters (goose, roast potatoes, red wine) - JG has sent to all fast food outlets in dublin pics of the football squad so that if Kev wants to sneak into burger king he’ll be told he is barred.

Same with Dean Rock and his sneaking down to Lidl for a 6 pack of Galahad on a friday night.


well, the wind has left my sails (I did say i was flued up so maybe i was having too much lemsip) but when you see guys compairing the Dublin Footballers funding with a Downes Syndrome Team who have “to raise all their money themselves” then the only thing you can do is the seinfeld gif and go to bed.


Little bit of back tracking here perhaps :thinking: