The Mickey Sausages Inn


Where’s the Mickey Sausages gone??
Heard it got closed down because that Bongos fella was caught putting lentils in the coddle! :joy:
Any sign of it reopening?


the mickey sausage was in the cricket club in clontarf for years until i got to old for the joint


Having an after work pint now, it’s needed on a Thursday :smiley:


I’d love to go to the barge now this evening shit I can’t but it was worth a thought



Just back in the bitchcave now with a bottle of rouge!
Dusty auld day do it was, :grin:


I’ll be in for happy hour this evening. Any olives going? Or nibbles?


Tuuuuuunnnnnnne Bongos, not heard that in a while,


I’ll go empty the mousetraps and see what I can find, :smile:
Blue left a jar of something on the counter but no way am I touching it!!!


No sign of Blue so. Has his contribution come to an innuendo?