The Liam Miller Charity Match


Yeah .That will be disclosed with a set of accounts from the Gooch as well !


so 1.5 million raised.

overheads of 180K


Breakdown of what the money went on there. If anyone is still outraged by any of this they’d want to give their heads an almighty wobble


Can we be outraged at the way the GAA were harangued over the affair?


Course you can. And people can be outraged that they had to be guilted into doing the right thing. In short, everyone can be outraged


Harangued and vilified in social media before any formal approach was even made. Worst Govt minister ever questioning funding when the GAA is the only thing many communities have.

I am very happy for the Miller family but lines were crossed.


By an organisation that can’t organise fúck all.


The FAI couldn’t run diarrhea.


You still banging on about the travellers ?



I have zero time for the FAI but they were not the ones putting the pressure on. Social media commentators, the usual arseholes, plenty of anti GAA heads, Duff, Kenny and worst of all Ministers - Ross especially - and assorted politicians.


Carfull now the soccer facists will be calling.


Can’t wait for that Minister to call to my door.


Great amount raised but 180K seems like a huge overhead. Especially seeing it was confirmed the GAA provided Pairc Ui Chaoimh free of charge.

So the GAA vilified for this but someone creamed in the cash somewhere. I wonder did Ticketmaster waive their usual fees for example, I doubt it.