The Liam Miller Charity Match


Would you not be glad to see a charity event sell out?


Or Croker :astonished:


Delighted personally.

Would also make LOI people happy to get a fraction of that support for heir teams.


Loi won’t get a look in. All man u and Celtic


I see the good people of the rebel county of Cork will be cheering on former Man Utd keeper Roy Carroll in this charity garme. This is the same Roy Carroll who refused to shake the Cliftonville players hands at the pre game thing at the weekend because it’s a nationalist team. Go Cork! #rebelmearse


I would have thought it was a good thing at one stage. Now I think it is just a populist fest that shouldn’t have been allowed. The fact that soccer has to come to the GAA (‘worse then dinosaurs’ to quote Kenny the Dundalk manager) to raise money for a guy that operated within their billionaire environment is pathetic on their part. If they care, give the family the money.

We learned a lesson from this experience hopefully, eaten bread is soon forgotten. I wouldn’t give soccer / rugby the proverbial steam off me piss from now on.


Agree. I was happy to help initially but the bile from Kenny and Damian bloody Duff turned me sour on them big time. You don’t ask for a favour and then moan like ■■■■ while people make up their minds.


And who apparently told a Kilkenny lad on cliftonville team to “■■■■ off back down south” during the match.
You’d have to your homework done to come out with that.


I find it astonishing that someone who was a member of a loyalist flute band would make such a remark.