The Liam Miller Charity Match


that not an indication of the set of brothers - rather than what they are fighting each for ?


Might be a bit of the first and a bit of the second - this was Edenmore, after all.


Happens all over, I’ve seen it in Dublin, Cork and even once in a small pub in Wicklow!

It just sounds alien to me to hear one Irishman describe another one as a “Scouse ■■■■■■■” or a “Man U ■■■■■■■”…They have no shame, or culture.


*I once seen one fella (United fan) take out a rocket launcher and shoot it at his wife (Liverpool fan) all over a debate about Steven Gerard in a pub in Longford. That soccer is the devils sport I’m telling ya

  • This post is neither true nor relevant to the thread but keep it going


Some truth in that but there’s also the point that you can play heads and volleys against a wall or a game on the road. You can’t play a game of gah against a sidewall or on a road in a housing estate without taking a window out.



thats not true though - it is a commonly held view that the lack of street football, or just playing on the local green with your mates as kids is detrimental to the development of the game in Europe right now. TheFAI were just as incompetant, maybe even more so, when we were producing world class footballers, all of whom learnt on the streets. Soccer in Europe now is too formally based at kids ages and so creativity and the abilty to hold your own is gone out the window.

sure look at the two signs there where johnny giles grew up - one a plaque in his honour, another saying no ball games.


Perfect summary.


I don’t agree with you and just because something is a commonly held view doesn’t mean it’s true. It’s a commonly held view that the GAA financially dope Dublin GAA but you more than anyone have debunked that myth.

But I know the FAI must be delighted that your view is out there. Delaney must have been thinking “Good man Damien and the rest, blame the GAA and the Playstation and the City Council for the signs they erect to completely detract from the complete lack of responsibility on the FAI’s part for how they fund and develop kids and Soccer facilities in this country.”


European teams seem to be doing ok at world cups though.


Great article. Makes me think that there is something wrong about the fact that Ross and company automatically get a Hogan stand ticket for the All Ireland Final if their county qualify. The GAA needs to look at that rule again.


I wonder if it is due to the fact that most South American and African players now play i Europe and teams like Brazil are playing a style of football that is alien to them.


Most of the South American and African lads would have played street football as kids.


I didnt say that, I said that the lack of street or causal football is at fault (and the playstation generation) - certainly not the GAA. Soccer in ireland is a disaster zone and always has been, it is genuinely corrupt and bent in a way the GAA never has been. I could write chapter and verse on it - but thankfully a book called “who stole our game” sums it up a lot better. IMHO John Delaney is a blight on the game in Ireland, and I have no time for him. The FAI really should be disbanded and new people appiinted but thats another story.


yes, look at the make up of the french team. european club teams are activly picking players from counties where they still learn on the streets. the achademy system and the school system seems to iron out all creativity from young players.


Yep in Spain in training sessions most coaches would limit the touches a player can take , I understand the logic but it does stop creativity and if lads cant play on the streets or in the school yard how do you develope dribbling skills etc,


I think most of french team are french born.


Maybe the man wanted to do away with his wife and used the ruse of a Steven Garrard argument as an excuse?


So the Liam Miller tribute game has sold out PUC a little over 24 hours after tickets went up for sale. 45,000 capacity.


Some bandwagon down there.

Should of had it in Wembley